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The Best Episodes of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Every episode of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners!

In a dystopia riddled with corruption and cybernetic implants, a talented but reckless street kid strives to become a mercenary outlaw — an edgerunner.

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Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners" is "My Moon My Man", rated 9.3/10 from 5985 user votes. It was directed by Kodai Nakano and written by Masahiko Otsuka. "My Moon My Man" aired on 9/13/2022 and is rated 0.2 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Girl on Fire".

  • My Moon My Man
    9.3/10 5,985 votes

    #1 - My Moon My Man

    Season 1 Episode 10 - Aired 2022-09-13

    On the edge of cyberpsychosis but determined to save Lucy, David storms into Night City as Arasaka plots to deploy their ultimate lethal weapon.

    Director: Kodai Nakano

    Writer: Masahiko Otsuka

  • Girl on Fire
    9.1/10 4,907 votes

    #2 - Girl on Fire

    Season 1 Episode 6 - Aired 2022-09-13

    Maine doesn’t seem to be himself. But the team has bigger fish to fry: They must race against time to extract vital information from their prisoner.

    Director: Yoshiyuki Kaneko

    Writer: Yoshiki Usa, Masahiko Otsuka

  • Lucky You
    8.6/10 4,214 votes

    #3 - Lucky You

    Season 1 Episode 4 - Aired 2022-09-13

    Eager to learn the edgerunner ropes, David pesters Maine for another mission. Instead, Maine tasks Lucy with training him.

    Director: Noboru Furukawa

    Writer: Yoshiki Usa, Masahiko Otsuka

  • Humanity
    8.5/10 3,823 votes

    #4 - Humanity

    Season 1 Episode 9 - Aired 2022-09-13

    Lucy’s captors learn about her secret mission and dark past. David and his team head out to complete Faraday’s job but realize that something is off.

    Director: Noboru Furukawa

    Writer: Masahiko Otsuka

  • Stay
    8.2/10 3,746 votes

    #5 - Stay

    Season 1 Episode 8 - Aired 2022-09-13

    Faraday finds himself stuck between Arasaka and Militech. Lucy and Rebecca confront David about his change in behavior, but he refuses to listen.

    Director: Yuichi Shimodaira

    Writer: Masahiko Otsuka

  • Like a Boy
    8.1/10 4,302 votes

    #6 - Like a Boy

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 2022-09-13

    With his newly enhanced body, David heads to the Academy seeking revenge on his bully. Later, he meets a mysterious woman who wants to recruit him.

    Director: Yuichi Shimodaira

    Writer: Yoshiki Usa, Masahiko Otsuka

  • All Eyez on Me
    8.0/10 3,837 votes

    #7 - All Eyez on Me

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 2022-09-13

    David makes a clever suggestion when the team strategizes for their next mission. However, he soon learns that their target can't be underestimated.

    Director: Kodai Nakano

    Writer: Yoshiki Usa, Masahiko Otsuka

  • Stronger
    8.0/10 3,748 votes

    #8 - Stronger

    Season 1 Episode 7 - Aired 2022-09-13

    Now an all-star edgerunner enhanced with more cybernetics, David leads his team into a new mission. An old contact reaches out to him for a big job.

    Director: Tomoyuki Munehiro

    Writer: Masahiko Otsuka

  • Let You Down
    7.8/10 4,719 votes

    #9 - Let You Down

    Season 1 Episode 1 - Aired 2022-09-13

    After a night of streaming illegal braindance, David wakes up to reality: a rundown apartment with a broken washing machine and an overworked mother.

    Director: Yoshiyuki Kaneko

    Writer: Yoshiki Usa

  • Smooth Criminal
    7.8/10 4,059 votes

    #10 - Smooth Criminal

    Season 1 Episode 3 - Aired 2022-09-13

    Surrounded by a group of rowdy edgerunners, David makes a plea to join their team. Meanwhile, sinister forces plot to lure him back to Arasaka Academy.

    Director: Mai Owada

    Writer: Yoshiki Usa, Masahiko Otsuka