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The Best Episodes of Hellbound

Every episode of Hellbound ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Hellbound!

Unearthly beings deliver bloody condemnations, sending individuals to hell and giving rise to a religious group founded on the idea of divine justice.

Genres:DramaCrimeSci-Fi & Fantasy

Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Hellbound" is "Episode 3", rated 7.3/10 from 1004 user votes. It was directed by N/A and written by N/A. "Episode 3" aired on 11/19/2021 and is rated 0.0 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Episode 6".

  • Episode 3
    7.3/10 1,004 votes

    #1 - Episode 3

    Season 1 Episode 3 - Aired 2021-11-19

    Addressing a stunned world, Jinsu preaches righteousness. Detective Jin Kyunghun searches for his missing daughter. The Arrowhead targets Min Hyejin.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Episode 6
    7.3/10 1,066 votes

    #2 - Episode 6

    Season 1 Episode 6 - Aired 2021-11-19

    With detrimental information hanging over its head, The New Truth scrambles to protect its power by preventing the public from learning the truth.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Episode 2
    7.0/10 1,027 votes

    #3 - Episode 2

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 2021-11-19

    The New Truth offers a sizable payment to Park Jungja, a condemned woman, in exchange for the right to live-broadcast the moment her fate is decided.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Episode 5
    7.0/10 875 votes

    #4 - Episode 5

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 2021-11-19

    A despairing Youngjae tracks down a man who he thinks might have answers. The New Truth catches wind of a mysterious organization with its own agenda.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Episode 4
    6.8/10 900 votes

    #5 - Episode 4

    Season 1 Episode 4 - Aired 2021-11-19

    Bae Youngjae follows his co-worker to a fishing dock, where he witnesses a terrifying sight. The Prophet Angel appears in an unthinkable place.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Episode 1
    6.7/10 1,259 votes

    #6 - Episode 1

    Season 1 Episode 1 - Aired 2021-11-19

    Horrified bystanders watch as otherworldly beasts chase down and kill a man in broad daylight. Jung Jinsu declares that only sinners are sent to hell.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A