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The Best Episodes of Midsomer Murders

Every episode of Midsomer Murders ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Midsomer Murders!

The peacefulness of the Midsomer community is shattered by violent crimes, suspects are placed under suspicion, and it is up to a veteran DCI and his young sergeant to calmly and diligently eliminate the innocent and ruthlessly pursue the guilty.


Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Midsomer Murders" is "Death's Shadow", rated 8.2/10 from 1371 user votes. It was directed by Jeremy Silberston and written by Anthony Horowitz. "Death's Shadow" aired on 1/20/1999 and is rated 0.1 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "The Killings at Badger's Drift".

  • Death's Shadow
    8.2/10 1,371 votes

    #1 - Death's Shadow

    Season 2 Episode 1 - Aired 1999-01-20

    Barnaby and Troy are in Badger's Drift again, this time to investigate the murder of an unpopular property developer called Richard Bayly who had been suffering from a brain tumour. Bayly had recently come up with plans to build a new housing estate in the sleepy village, despite determined local opposition, and he was killed with an Indian sword belonging to Stephen Wentworth, the local Vicar. Another interesting factor is the recent arrival in the village of Simon Fletcher, a theatre director with unhappy childhood memories and perhaps an old grievance.

    Director: Jeremy Silberston

    Writer: Anthony Horowitz

  • The Killings at Badger's Drift
    8.1/10 2,245 votes

    #2 - The Killings at Badger's Drift

    Season 1 Episode 1 - Aired 1997-03-23

    An elderly woman is found dead in her cottage and DCI Tom Barnaby is convinced the death is not down to natural causes

    Director: Jeremy Silberston

    Writer: Anthony Horowitz, Caroline Graham

  • Judgement Day
    8.1/10 1,354 votes

    #3 - Judgement Day

    Season 3 Episode 3 - Aired 2000-01-29

    Midsomer Mallow has a shot at the Perfect Village title, provided it can keep a murderer at bay.

    Director: Jeremy Silberston

    Writer: Anthony Horowitz

  • The Green Man
    8.1/10 1,097 votes

    #4 - The Green Man

    Season 7 Episode 1 - Aired 2003-11-02

    The Barnaby-Troy partnership is about to come to an end, as Troy has passed his inspector's exam and is moving on. However, the murderers of Midsomer go on piling up the bodies. Joyce Barnaby gets trapped in a fallen canal tunnel, and in getting her out seven skeletons come to light in a hidden chamber. Meanwhile, two local tearaways are shot dead in the woods at Midsomer Worthy, and a tramp called Tom is accused of the killings. While Troy looks into the shootings, Barnaby wrestles with an old mystery. And although six of the skeletons found in the tunnel date from the 18th century, one is much more recent.

    Director: Sarah Hellings

    Writer: Michael Russell

  • Second Sight
    8.1/10 945 votes

    #5 - Second Sight

    Season 8 Episode 6 - Aired 2005-01-23

    John Ransom is found murdered with suspicious burn marks to his head. The investigation leads to two feuding families - one with the ability of second sight.

    Director: Richard Holthouse

    Writer: Tony Etchells

  • Vixen's Run
    8.1/10 921 votes

    #6 - Vixen's Run

    Season 9 Episode 3 - Aired 2006-03-05

    The elderly Sir Freddy Butler has invited both his ex-wives, Annabel & Lucinda, to stay with him and his current wife, Tara. When he dies suddenly of a heart attack, the bitter rivalry between the three and Sandra, the wife of his heir, comes to the surface, with murderous consequences. To solve the mystery, Barnaby must unravel paternity questions about some of the residents of the hall, and find the legendary missing emeralds.

    Director: Peter Smith

    Writer: Michael Aitkens

  • Last Year's Model
    8.1/10 943 votes

    #7 - Last Year's Model

    Season 9 Episode 8 - Aired 2006-09-17

    Annie Woodrow, a charity worker from Midsomer Malham, is standing trial for killing her best friend, Frances Trevelyan, in a case that Barnaby had investigated ten months previously. But he becomes increasingly unsettled that the prosecution's case doesn't match the facts. Barnaby & Jones enlist the help of key witness Mrs Beverly in a risky entrapment to find out what really happened. Jones's promotion to Det Sgt comes through at the same time.

    Director: Richard Holthouse

    Writer: David Hoskins

  • Painted in Blood
    8.0/10 1,002 votes

    #8 - Painted in Blood

    Season 6 Episode 3 - Aired 2003-01-17

    Barnaby's wife, Joyce, finds a dead body on the Midsomer Florey village green while taking part in a watercolour painting class, and she recognizes it as the elderly Miss Fairfax.Barnaby is given the case, then finds himself taken off it and replaced by a team from the National Intelligence Squad, while he is assigned to deal with a missing handbag. However, he continues his investigation into the murder, finding deceit and double-dealing. It appears that 'Miss Fairfax' was not an elderly spinster at all, but a young detective sergeant from the National Intelligence Squad working under cover, and that her colleagues are busy fitting up the village handyman for the murder of an old lady who never was. He discovers that someone is busy hunting for some five million pounds still missing from an old robbery. In the closing moments, Barnaby has to lock two of the National Intelligence Squad's officers in a bank strong-room, where they are trying to snatch the missing cash, and to arrest the

    Director: Sarah Hellings

    Writer: Andrew Payne

  • The House in the Woods
    8.0/10 999 votes

    #9 - The House in the Woods

    Season 9 Episode 1 - Aired 2005-10-09

    A couple who have been searching the Midsomer area for a suitable property to renovate, Peter & Caroline Cave, are found brutally garrotted in their car outside a supposedly haunted dilapidated old cottage in the woods near Midsomer Newton. There are several other people interested in buying the house, but are they desperate enough to murder potential rivals? Barnaby investigates, with the assistance of PC Ben Jones, who he temporarily appoints Detective Constable, in the absence of DS Scott. Joyce Barnaby is helping a local group of conservationists identify architecturally important buildings in the area, and is asked to investigate the same cottage, potentially putting her in danger. Barnaby then discovers that there is something odd about the person selling the cottage.

    Director: Peter Smith

    Writer: Barry Simner

  • Strangler's Wood
    7.9/10 1,252 votes

    #10 - Strangler's Wood

    Season 2 Episode 2 - Aired 1999-02-03

    Nine years after a series of unsolved murders at Midsomer Worthy, a new death which follows the same pattern (a girl is found strangled in the woods) leads to fears that the serial killer is back in business. Barnaby and Troy look out the old files in dealing with the first new murder - and then others follow.

    Director: Jeremy Silberston

    Writer: Anthony Horowitz

  • Dead Man's Eleven
    7.9/10 1,222 votes

    #11 - Dead Man's Eleven

    Season 2 Episode 3 - Aired 1999-09-12

    Troy is in the Midsomer Worthy cricket eleven for the annual match against Fletchers Cross, so he is on the spot when the wife of Robert Cavendish, the Team Captain and a big local landowner, is found bludgeoned to death with a cricket bat. As often happens, the death toll mounts before the killer can be unmasked. Why should the cricket team's scorer be stabbed to death with a Nazi dagger at the following match? Cavendish, as a mine owner, may have been responsible for the 'accidental' deaths of two of his employees in years gone by. If someone is out for revenge, who is it? Meanwhile, a protest march to maintain footpaths across Cavendish's land finds a foot-bridge has been sabotaged, and their leader takes a ducking...

    Director: Jeremy Silberston

    Writer: Anthony Horowitz

  • Destroying Angel
    7.9/10 1,100 votes

    #12 - Destroying Angel

    Season 4 Episode 2 - Aired 2001-08-26

    Barnaby attends the funeral of the owner of the Easterly Grange Hotel and hears that the hotel manager has gone missing. The will is read, and it seems the hotel has been divided between the missing manager and his beautiful wife, the hotel's chef and its accountant.A dog finds the hotel manager's severed hand, and the others named in the will receive threatening notes. Then accidents start to happen to them all, including mushroom-poisoning, an apparently accidental shooting, a falling drinks cabinet and a sabotaged vehicle. Barnaby next learns that the missing hotel manager had in his possession a more recent will, which is also now missing....

    Director: David Tucker

    Writer: David Hoskins

  • Blood Wedding
    7.9/10 869 votes

    #13 - Blood Wedding

    Season 11 Episode 2 - Aired 2008-05-10

    An upper class wedding results in an evil and sudden death, which becomes another challenge for Barnaby. These people are not used to having the police around asking a lot of silly questions. Besides, Barnaby has Cully's wedding to sort out as well

    Director: Peter Smith

    Writer: David Harsent

  • The Creeper
    7.9/10 827 votes

    #14 - The Creeper

    Season 12 Episode 6 - Aired 2010-01-27

    Midsomer's Chettham Park House, once owned by Sir William Chettham, has been bought by entrepreneur Jack Filby to save Sir William from financial ruin. Long-term friends dating back to the days of university, Jack has allowed William, his mother Elizabeth, wife Isobel and son Freddy to stay on living at The Dower House - the smaller house on the estate where the Baronet's widowed mother would traditionally live. Jack is the man of the manor now with William and Isobel's son Freddy as his right hand man.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Master Class
    7.9/10 885 votes

    #15 - Master Class

    Season 13 Episode 5 - Aired 2010-10-06

    Piano student Zoe Stock has won a place at the Devington Manor Winter School led by internationally renowned musician Sir Michael Fielding. From the riverbank in the grounds of the manor she sees a woman jump from the bridge and disappear underwater. When Barnaby and Jones start investigating the possible drowning, they discover unsavoury connections to the past that could prove lethal twenty years later. But can they intervene before the body count escalates and will the talented Zoe survive her master class?

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Happy Families
    7.9/10 727 votes

    #16 - Happy Families

    Season 22 Episode 3 - Aired 2021-10-03

    Barnaby is investigating the murder of Victor Karras, a manufacturer of exclusive board games, who appears to have been poisoned.

    Director: Audrey Cooke

    Writer: Nicholas Hicks-Beach

  • Written in Blood
    7.8/10 1,624 votes

    #17 - Written in Blood

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 1998-03-22

    Gerald Hadleigh, secretary of a writers' circle, is found battered to death the morning after the group's meeting with best-selling novelist (and former psycho-therapist) Max Jennings. Gerald did not want to invite Max to Midsomer Worthy, and he seemed apprehensive about the visit.Barnaby's investigations show that Gerald was a man of mystery - he had no National Insurance number, no family, and no marriage certficate to go with his wedding photographs. And it seems he had a mysterious woman visitor on the night of his death... then Max Jennings goes missing and is found dead.

    Director: Jeremy Silberston

    Writer: Anthony Horowitz, Caroline Graham

  • Market for Murder
    7.8/10 1,009 votes

    #18 - Market for Murder

    Season 5 Episode 1 - Aired 2002-06-16

    A ladies reading group in Midsomer Market starts losing members to murder.

    Director: Sarah Hellings

    Writer: Andrew Payne

  • Ring Out Your Dead
    7.8/10 1,071 votes

    #19 - Ring Out Your Dead

    Season 5 Episode 3 - Aired 2002-09-15

    In the village of Midsomer Wellow, someone is killing off the bellringers of the parish church, in the week before a big bell-ringing competition. One young woman on the team is even shot dead in the churchyard on her wedding day. Before he can crack the case, Barnaby has to understand the significance of an old killing in the same village in the year 1860, when the Midsomer Wellow Vicar of the day, the Reverend Jonathan Ebbrell, was murdered and thrown down a well by the bellringers of his church. So where are the Ebbrells now?

    Director: Sarah Hellings

    Writer: Christopher Russell

  • Down Among the Dead Men
    7.8/10 859 votes

    #20 - Down Among the Dead Men

    Season 9 Episode 4 - Aired 2006-03-12

    Barnaby and Jones investigate the shooting of a blackmailer, Martin Barrett. But he had so many victims, they are spoiled for choice for a suspect. Then one of his victims, Sir John Waverley, gets another demand. The trail leads them to the seaside and diving for treasure on an uncataloged wreck.

    Director: Renny Rye

    Writer: Douglas Watkinson

  • Country Matters
    7.8/10 921 votes

    #21 - Country Matters

    Season 9 Episode 6 - Aired 2006-09-10

    Frank Hopkirk, an environmental adviser on the proposed site of a controversial Goodfare supermarket in Elverton-cum-Latterly, is found stabbed to death in an old farm building on the site. Barnaby & Jones question locals on both sides of the debate over the plans, and find that Mr Hopkirk had extra-curricular dealings with a number of the local ladies and their businesses. But which one of these caused passions to be stirred up to such a murderous extent?

    Director: Richard Holthouse

    Writer: Andrew Payne

  • The Animal Within
    7.8/10 962 votes

    #22 - The Animal Within

    Season 10 Episode 2 - Aired 2007-01-18

    Faith Alexander arrives in Midsomer Deverell to visit her estranged Uncle Rex, much to the surprise of his friends and associates who had been told she was dead. The problem is Rex is missing and Barnaby's initial investigation into his disappearance becomes more sinister when Rex's body is found at the bottom of the weir. The case becomes more complicated as it appears the eccentric Rex left several different wills and everyone wants a slice of his estate. Was this the reason for murder, or is it related to a family feud from 40 years ago? What was the secret of the feud? Those who know are not saying but someone is prepared to commit further murders to ensure it is not revealed.

    Director: Renny Rye

    Writer: David Hoskins

  • The Black Book
    7.8/10 830 votes

    #23 - The Black Book

    Season 12 Episode 2 - Aired 2009-08-05

    The sale of a previously unknown painting by an 18th century painter sends Barnaby into an investigation of murders as well as art forgery.

    Director: Peter Smith

    Writer: N/A

  • Dark Secrets
    7.8/10 871 votes

    #24 - Dark Secrets

    Season 14 Episode 2 - Aired 2011-03-30

    The reclusive lives of elderly eccentrics William and Mary Bingham comes under police scrutiny when a social services investigator is murdered. Barnaby and Jones must unearth generations of family secrets and decipher astronomical charts to find the killer.

    Director: Simon Langton

    Writer: Michael Aitkens

  • Wild Harvest
    7.8/10 745 votes

    #25 - Wild Harvest

    Season 16 Episode 3 - Aired 2014-01-29

    When farmer Martin Strickland is covered in truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads to restaurant Wyvern House and its tyrannical chef.

    Director: Renny Rye

    Writer: N/A