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The Best Episodes of Transparent

Every episode of Transparent ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Transparent!

An LA family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone's secrets to spill out.

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Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Transparent" is "Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?", rated 8.4/10 from 489 user votes. It was directed by Joey Soloway and written by Joey Soloway. "Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?" aired on 9/26/2014 and is rated 0.0 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Man on the Land".

  • Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?
    8.4/10 489 votes

    #1 - Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?

    Season 1 Episode 10 - Aired 2014-09-26

    A funeral brings all the Pfeffermans together and reunites them with their past - Shelley and Maura with old friends, Sarah with her ex, and Josh with his teenage babysitter - who brings a 17-year-old boy. Just when they thought there were no more secrets, the family busts out a few more.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Joey Soloway

  • Man on the Land
    8.4/10 464 votes

    #2 - Man on the Land

    Season 2 Episode 9 - Aired 2015-12-11

    Maura makes a new friend and has a rude awakening at the music festival; Sarah experiences liberation from an unlikely source; Ali makes an unexpected journey to the past.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Ali Liebegott

  • Grey Green Brown & Copper
    8.4/10 423 votes

    #3 - Grey Green Brown & Copper

    Season 2 Episode 10 - Aired 2015-12-11

    Maura reconciles with her lineage, both past and present; Ali talks to Leslie about her academic future; Josh looks to Buzz as a father figure; Sarah tries to tie up loose ends.

    Director: Andrea Arnold

    Writer: Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster

  • If I Were a Bell
    8.4/10 352 votes

    #4 - If I Were a Bell

    Season 3 Episode 8 - Aired 2016-09-23

    Boyle Heights, 1958. 12 year old Maura's femininity causes a clash between her mother Rose and her grandparents, Haim and Yetta. Across town, 12 year old Shelly quits the school play and stops eating but won't tell anyone why. Flash forward to 1966, where 21 year olds Mort and Shelly carry on a secret affair.

    Director: Andrea Arnold

    Writer: Our Lady J

  • Exciting and New
    8.3/10 323 votes

    #5 - Exciting and New

    Season 3 Episode 10 - Aired 2016-09-23

    The Pfeffermans escape their problems on land by taking a cruise together. Though the clan spends most of the cruise apart - venturing on their own journeys of self discovery - they ultimately find themselves coming together at the Seder that almost wasn't.

    Director: Marta Cunningham

    Writer: Faith Soloway, Joey Soloway

  • Symbolic Exemplar
    8.2/10 522 votes

    #6 - Symbolic Exemplar

    Season 1 Episode 7 - Aired 2014-09-26

    Josh goes on a date with Rabbi Raquel while Ali explores her feminine side with a TA from Gender Studies class. The kids turn out for Maura's performance in a talent show, but her delight quickly turns to dejection.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Faith Soloway

  • Kina Hora
    8.2/10 469 votes

    #7 - Kina Hora

    Season 2 Episode 1 - Aired 2015-11-30

    Sarah and Tammy are getting married, while Maura and Ali are visited by ghosts from the past and Josh and Rabbi Raquel can't hide their big news.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Joey Soloway

  • Best New Girl
    8.1/10 482 votes

    #8 - Best New Girl

    Season 1 Episode 8 - Aired 2014-09-26

    In a flashback, Mort escapes with friend Mark (Bradley Whitford) to a cross-dressing retreat in the woods, and becomes captivated with a very accepting woman named Connie (Michaela Watkins). Left alone after cancelling her Bat Mitzvah, 13-year-old Ali finds trouble with an older man at the beach.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Bridget Bedard

  • Moppa
    7.9/10 497 votes

    #9 - Moppa

    Season 1 Episode 4 - Aired 2014-09-26

    Maura finally comes out to Ali, and they join Sarah on a field trip to the mall - where they all get rude lessons in womanhood. Josh is forced to confront his past thanks to questions from Syd (Carrie Brownstein) about his longtime relationship with Rita.

    Director: Nisha Ganatra

    Writer: Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster

  • The Wilderness
    7.9/10 462 votes

    #10 - The Wilderness

    Season 1 Episode 6 - Aired 2014-09-26

    As they struggle to come to terms with Maura, Josh looks for answers from a rabbi named Raquel (Kathryn Hahn), and Ali looks for answers in a Gender Studies class with Syd. Sarah is left to answer questions from her own kids, who meet Maura for the first time.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Ethan Kuperberg

  • Flicky-Flicky Thump-Thump
    7.9/10 372 votes

    #11 - Flicky-Flicky Thump-Thump

    Season 2 Episode 2 - Aired 2015-12-11

    Josh has a pool party for his new band, but he and his siblings are caught off-guard when Maura and Shelly arrive together; Ali reconnects with an old friend; Sarah finds her past catching up with her.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster

  • Mee-Maw
    7.9/10 330 votes

    #12 - Mee-Maw

    Season 2 Episode 5 - Aired 2015-12-11

    Davina and Shea inspire Maura to re-imagine her past; Colton's adopted family visits, leaving Josh facing a touch decision; Ali finds herself more drawn to Leslie; Sarah tries visiting a life coach.

    Director: Stacie Passon

    Writer: Our Lady J

  • The Book of Life
    7.9/10 318 votes

    #13 - The Book of Life

    Season 2 Episode 7 - Aired 2015-12-11

    On Yom Kippur, Sarah tries to make amends with Tammy; Maura tries to communicate with Davina; Josh tries to make peace with Raquel; Ali and Syd host a break-the-fast party.

    Director: Jim Frohna

    Writer: Ethan Kuperberg

  • Elizah
    7.9/10 327 votes

    #14 - Elizah

    Season 3 Episode 1 - Aired 2016-09-23

    While working at an LGBT suicide hotline, Maura receives a distressing call from a young trans woman, Elizah. Afraid that Elizah will hurt herself, Maura goes on an odyssey through South Central LA to find the troubled teen and lands herself in the hospital.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Ethan Kuperberg

  • To Sardines and Back
    7.9/10 457 votes

    #15 - To Sardines and Back

    Season 3 Episode 3 - Aired 2016-09-23

    Relationships are tested as the Pfefferman family gather for Maura's birthday. Sarah confronts Buzzy on temple board politics and Maura makes a big announcement, experiencing pushback from both Vicki and Shelly. The night culminates in a game of Sardines, forcing tense situations into tight spaces.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Faith Soloway, Joey Soloway

  • Oh Holy Night
    7.9/10 277 votes

    #16 - Oh Holy Night

    Season 3 Episode 5 - Aired 2016-09-23

    The Pfefferman family gathers at Hineni to support Sarah's alternative spiritual endeavor. After the news of a close friend's untimely passing, a distressed Josh leans on Raquel for support. Ali ends the night by witnessing the pitfalls of Leslie's prejudices.

    Director: Stacie Passon

    Writer: Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster

  • Wedge
    7.8/10 477 votes

    #17 - Wedge

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 2014-09-26

    When Shelly's husband Ed goes missing, Sarah, Josh and Ali set out to find him, and instead find themselves lost in their past. Ali can no longer keep Maura's secret from Josh, which sends him into a tailspin. When Maura runs into a Pfefferman family friend she takes a stand for her new identity.

    Director: Nisha Ganatra

    Writer: Ali Liebegott

  • Looking Up
    7.8/10 434 votes

    #18 - Looking Up

    Season 1 Episode 9 - Aired 2014-09-26

    Maura finds solace with ex-wife Shelly, and the two hatch a plot to help Ed realize his wishes. Sarah spends time with her ex-husband and begins to question their breakup, while Raquel finally breaks through to Josh. And when the entire family is summoned to Shelly's, they are in for a few surprises.

    Director: Nisha Ganatra

    Writer: Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster

  • The Open Road
    7.8/10 281 votes

    #19 - The Open Road

    Season 3 Episode 6 - Aired 2016-09-23

    Josh hits the road with an unlikely copilot, stirring up some undeniable chemistry along the way. Back at home, Shelly becomes wary of Buzzy's outlandish spending while Ali sees God during a nitrous induced trip at the dentist's office.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Bridget Bedard

  • Life Sucks and Then You Die
    7.8/10 266 votes

    #20 - Life Sucks and Then You Die

    Season 3 Episode 7 - Aired 2016-09-23

    Josh arrives in Overland Park and delivers difficult news to Colton. Sarah oversteps her boundaries with Raquel, putting the Hineni Seder in danger. A tough conversation with Bryna brings up some big issues between Maura and Vicki.

    Director: Shira Piven

    Writer: Ali Liebegott

  • Desert Eagle
    7.8/10 193 votes

    #21 - Desert Eagle

    Season 4 Episode 8 - Aired 2017-09-22

    Maura yearns to forge a new relationship but finds the connection strained. Ali is drawn to rejoin her family. Out in the vast desert Josh tries his hand at shooting a gun, leaving Shelly rattled.

    Director: Andrea Arnold

    Writer: Ethan Kuperberg

  • Oscillate
    7.7/10 321 votes

    #22 - Oscillate

    Season 2 Episode 8 - Aired 2015-12-11

    Maura learns more about the trans experience; Josh heads down a reckless path; Ali and Sarah take Maura to the Idyllwild Wimmin's Music Festival.

    Director: Andrea Arnold

    Writer: Bridget Bedard

  • Cool Guy
    7.7/10 201 votes

    #23 - Cool Guy

    Season 4 Episode 4 - Aired 2017-09-22

    Maura and Ali uncover new truths about their family. Shelly gets bold in her improv class. Sparks fly between Sarah, Lila, and Len and they set off to hatch a plan. Josh is haunted by the past.

    Director: Sarah Gavron

    Writer: Gabe Liedman

  • The Letting Go
    7.6/10 593 votes

    #24 - The Letting Go

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 2014-09-26

    Maura embraces her new journey, but nothing about life as a woman is easy -- making friends, finding a new community, and above all, coming out to her children. Sarah introduces her husband (Rob Huebel) to her ex-girlfriend Tammy (Melora Hardin). Josh pays a visit to his ex-babysitter Rita, as Ali gets closer to her trainer.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Joey Soloway

  • Cherry Blossoms
    7.6/10 331 votes

    #25 - Cherry Blossoms

    Season 2 Episode 4 - Aired 2015-12-11

    Josh's bonding with Colton comes at a price; Sarah feels more like an outsider than ever following a disastrous school gala; a visit to Grandma Rose leaves Ali and Syd with questions; Maura searches for autonomy.

    Director: Joey Soloway

    Writer: Arabella Anderson