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The Best Episodes of Durarara!!

Every episode of Durarara!! ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Durarara!!!

In Tokyo's downtown district of Ikebukuro, amidst many strange rumors and warnings of anonymous gangs and dangerous occupants, one urban legend stands out above the rest—the existence of a headless "Black Rider" who is said to be seen driving a jet-black motorcycle through the city streets. Mikado Ryuugamine has always longed for the excitement of the city life, and an invitation from a childhood friend convinces him to move to Tokyo. Witnessing the Black Rider on his first day in the city, his wishes already seem to have been granted. But as supernatural events begin to occur, ordinary citizens like himself, along with Ikebukuro's most colorful inhabitants, are mixed up in the commotion breaking out in their city.

Genres:Action & AdventureAnimationDramaMystery

Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Durarara!!" is "Storm and Stress", rated 8.3/10 from 87 user votes. It was directed by Masahisa Koyata and written by Toshizo Nemoto. "Storm and Stress" aired on 3/19/2010 and is rated 0.1 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Selfless Devotion".

  • Storm and Stress
    8.3/10 87 votes

    #1 - Storm and Stress

    Season 1 Episode 11 - Aired 2010-03-19

    Anri's missing friend, the Dullahan, the girl with the scar on her neck, Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, the kidnappings, and the Dollars... little by little, the pieces begin to fall into place.

    Director: Masahisa Koyata

    Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

  • Selfless Devotion
    8.2/10 80 votes

    #2 - Selfless Devotion

    Season 1 Episode 24 - Aired 2010-06-25

    Filled with unwavering determination, Masaomi enters the abandoned factory, and encounters the unexpected. At last: Masaomi, Mikado, and Anri face off. Although each of them carries inexpressible feelings, they eventually find an answer...

    Director: Masahisa Koyata

    Writer: Noboru Takagi

  • Yin and Yang
    8.1/10 77 votes

    #3 - Yin and Yang

    Season 1 Episode 12 - Aired 2010-03-26

    It is discovered that Harima Mika is actually alive, and that Celty's head is being held by Yagiri Pharmacy. Shinra had known about it, and kept the secret from Celty for the fear of losing her because of her head's will.

    Director: Shinya Kawatsura

    Writer: Noboru Takagi

  • Highly Unpredictable
    7.9/10 143 votes

    #4 - Highly Unpredictable

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 2010-01-15

    It is the Entrance Ceremony at Raira Academy, and the auditorium swells with a varied mix of emotions emitted from the students. Amidst all this is Rio Kamichika: a girl with a notably dark vibe following her.

    Director: Makoto Baba

    Writer: Noboru Takagi

  • Ephemeral Dream
    7.9/10 84 votes

    #5 - Ephemeral Dream

    Season 1 Episode 8 - Aired 2010-02-26

    Celty runs away from home after arguing with Shinra, and an exchange student asks people to write what they're looking for in a notebook she carries.

    Director: Tetsuo Ichimura

    Writer: Aya Yoshinaga

  • Never Before Seen
    7.9/10 77 votes

    #6 - Never Before Seen

    Season 1 Episode 10 - Aired 2010-03-12

    Mikado runs away with Mika and shelters her into his apartment. However, in the following day, he is approached by Celty and Izaya, and after telling her secret to him, Celty convinces Mikado to help her find Mika. Unfortunately, Mikado is cornered by some Yagiri Pharmacy workers who question him on Mika's whereabouts. In order to save Mika, Mikado reveals to Izaya and Celty his secret.

    Director: Yui Umemoto

    Writer: Ai Ota

  • Mutual Love
    7.9/10 72 votes

    #7 - Mutual Love

    Season 1 Episode 16 - Aired 2010-04-30

    Anri is targeted by the Slasher, but Kyohei’s gang moves to rescue her. Shizuo and Celty join in, and after defeating the Slasher, reveal his true identity. However, this moment of relief doesn’t last as Celty reads what has been posted in the chatroom.

    Director: Masahisa Koyata

    Writer: Aya Yoshinaga

  • Everything Changes
    7.9/10 72 votes

    #8 - Everything Changes

    Season 1 Episode 17 - Aired 2010-05-07

    As Anri faces off against Haruna, truths about her past are revealed. Elsewhere, Shizuo fights an unending battle against the Slashers in South Ikebukuro Park. As he defeats them one after another, his expression starts to take on a hint of joy.

    Director: Shinya Kawatsura

    Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

  • Complicated and Confused
    7.9/10 67 votes

    #9 - Complicated and Confused

    Season 1 Episode 23 - Aired 2010-06-18

    A gunshot resounds from an alley, echoed by a phone call for Masaomi. Mikado rides with Celty, and Anri learns the truth. Their hearts are filled with trust, doubt, and unease. Everything rushes toward a conclusion, and Izaya enjoys the chaos.

    Director: Yuki Yase

    Writer: Noboru Takagi

  • Bad-ass Dude
    7.8/10 82 votes

    #10 - Bad-ass Dude

    Season 1 Episode 7 - Aired 2010-02-19

    Shizuo Heiwajima, also known as “the strongest man in Ikebukuro”, is a man who definitely relishes that title. Though he carries with him a high esteem, something is amiss. Lately he has been extremely short-tempered and does not know why.

    Director: Yuki Yase

    Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

  • Rampant Evil
    7.7/10 113 votes

    #11 - Rampant Evil

    Season 1 Episode 3 - Aired 2010-01-22

    Masaomi Kida is out about town, fervently trying to pick up girls, while Mikado tags along, feeling a bit confused and bewildered. Various people intermingle throughout Ikebukuro as rumors of the “Dollars” spread.

    Director: Yui Umemoto

    Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

  • Declaration of Disbandment
    7.7/10 68 votes

    #12 - Declaration of Disbandment

    Season 1 Episode 22 - Aired 2010-06-11

    The Dollars are enraged at the Yellow Scarves’ actions. The Yellow Scarves learn that Anri is the girl who escaped from their hideout during the night of the meeting, and track her down. However, an unexpected group of people steps in to save her...

    Director: Shinya Kawatsura

    Writer: Aya Yoshinaga

  • Love and Cherish
    7.6/10 78 votes

    #13 - Love and Cherish

    Season 1 Episode 9 - Aired 2010-03-05

    After losing contact with her brother Seiji, Namie Yagiri enlists Izaya's help to find him. While roaming through Ikebukuro, Seiji and Mika Harima stumble onto Shizuo and Celty and a heated pursuit begins after Celty figures that the head attached to Mika's body is actually hers.

    Director: Tenshi Yamamoto

    Writer: Aya Yoshinaga

  • Takes A Sudden Turn
    7.6/10 69 votes

    #14 - Takes A Sudden Turn

    Season 1 Episode 13 - Aired 2010-04-09

    Half a year has passed since the Dollars meeting and Ikebukuro seems to have returned to normal. But underground, the Yellow Scarves and the Slasher are becoming increasingly active. Darkness approaches, ready to destroy the days of peace.

    Director: Yuki Yase

    Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

  • Turmoil Reigns
    7.6/10 70 votes

    #15 - Turmoil Reigns

    Season 1 Episode 14 - Aired 2010-04-16

    Anri is attacked by the Slasher. The same night, the user Saika appears in the chatroom, and posts a puzzling message. Mikado, worried about rumors that the Slashers are the Dollars, decides to cooperate with Celty.

    Director: Mitsue Yamazaki

    Writer: Ai Ota

  • Dumb Like a Fox
    7.6/10 70 votes

    #16 - Dumb Like a Fox

    Season 1 Episode 15 - Aired 2010-04-23

    Magazine Journalist Shuji Niekawa’s unbridled passion is raging. A Russian who runs a sushi shop, the Awakusu organization, an Information Broker, the Headless Rider... He investigates the supposedly strongest man in Ikebukuro: Shizuo Heiwajima.

    Director: Yui Umemoto

    Writer: Sadayuki Murai

  • A New King Will Arise
    7.6/10 75 votes

    #17 - A New King Will Arise

    Season 1 Episode 20 - Aired 2010-05-28

    After doing some investigating, Masaomi starts to suspect that the remnants of the Blue Squares, a gang that he once fought, have slipped into the Dollars. He decides to visit Kyohei’s gang to learn the truth.

    Director: Koji Shino

    Writer: Sadayuki Murai

  • Utterly Alone
    7.5/10 106 votes

    #18 - Utterly Alone

    Season 1 Episode 4 - Aired 2010-01-29

    People throughout the city speak of an urban legend known as the “Headless Rider”. A surprising number of people have personally witnessed it speeding down the streets on a jet-black motorbike with no license plate.

    Director: Kazuhide Kondo

    Writer: Noboru Takagi

  • Out of Your Control
    7.5/10 68 votes

    #19 - Out of Your Control

    Season 1 Episode 18 - Aired 2010-05-14

    Civil unrest begins to descend upon Ikebukuro. Masaomi finds himself in an abandoned building, depressed, thinking about his past: how he ended up back there, and how a girl still waits for him at a hospital.

    Director: Kiyoshi Matsuda

    Writer: Noboru Takagi

  • Anarchy
    7.5/10 67 votes

    #20 - Anarchy

    Season 1 Episode 19 - Aired 2010-05-21

    Anri notices something is wrong with Masaomi, and takes action to find out what it is. Elsewhere, a gang-war breaks out between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars over the Slasher’s identity. The standoff grows as Mikado’s desire to stop it is ignored.

    Director: Yuki Yase

    Writer: Ai Ota

  • Active Interest
    7.3/10 85 votes

    #21 - Active Interest

    Season 1 Episode 6 - Aired 2010-02-12

    The Dollars gang figures that a foreigner friend of theirs was captured by the manhunters and search through Ikebukuro determined to rescue him.

    Director: Masahisa Koyata

    Writer: Ai Ota

  • Everything Covered in Fog
    7.3/10 65 votes

    #22 - Everything Covered in Fog

    Season 1 Episode 21 - Aired 2010-06-04

    Despite Mikado’s orders, the Yellow Scarves hunt down members of the Dollars. Mikado begins to question whether the existence of the Dollars is worth such a sacrifice. Anri tries to put a stop to the gang war, but ends up making the situation worse...

    Director: Yui Umemoto

    Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

  • Exit 1, First Words
    7.2/10 153 votes

    #23 - Exit 1, First Words

    Season 1 Episode 1 - Aired 2010-01-08

    Mikado, a young man longing for something unusual in his life, moves to Ikebukuro at the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi. Arriving in Tokyo, he begins his new life as a high school student, awed and mesmerized by the new world around him.

    Director: Shinya Kawatsura

    Writer: Noboru Takagi

  • False Advertising
    7.2/10 103 votes

    #24 - False Advertising

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 2010-02-05

    While hanging out with Anri, Mikado and Kida learn about her worries for her missing friend and try to cheer her up. Later the duo gets themselves in trouble when they are cornered by a gang of thugs.

    Director: Shinya Kawatsura

    Writer: Sadayuki Murai

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
    NaN/10 0 votes

    #25 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Season 2 Episode 1 - Aired 2015-01-10

    Half a year has passed. The city of Ikebukuro seemingly remains unchanged, but foreign elements are slipping in, the serial killer known as “Hollywood” being one of them. The fuse to a new series of events begins to smolder!

    Director: Takahiro Omori

    Writer: Noboru Takagi