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The Best Episodes of Entourage

Every episode of Entourage ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Entourage!

Film star Vince Chase navigates the vapid terrain of Los Angeles with a close circle of friends and his trusty agent.


Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Entourage" is "Give A Little Bit", rated 9.2/10 from 1389 user votes. It was directed by Mark Mylod and written by Doug Ellin, Ally Musika. "Give A Little Bit" aired on 10/4/2009 and is rated 0.1 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Exodus".

  • Give A Little Bit
    9.2/10 1,389 votes

    #1 - Give A Little Bit

    Season 6 Episode 12 - Aired 2009-10-04

    When Matt Damon and LeBron James send out a charity call, an unwilling Vince takes up the challenge. Ari tries to convince his wife that his deal with Terrance will be lucrative. Drama ponders a switch in careers. Eric makes plans to meet Sloan.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Doug Ellin, Ally Musika

  • Exodus
    9.1/10 1,224 votes

    #2 - Exodus

    Season 2 Episode 13 - Aired 2005-08-28

    Vince is blinded by love, and Eric gets cozy with Sloan. Meanwhile, Ari gets shot down in the war room, and Drama and Turtle use their paparazzi skills on an important spy mission.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • One Day in the Valley
    9.1/10 1,467 votes

    #3 - One Day in the Valley

    Season 3 Episode 2 - Aired 2006-06-18

    Ari and Eric are worried because rolling blackouts have hit Los Angeles and it may cause a decrease in the box-office totals for "Aquaman" in the area. The two ponder how to keep Vince from finding out the situation.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Marc Abrams, Michael Benson

  • Return to Queens Blvd.
    9.1/10 1,233 votes

    #4 - Return to Queens Blvd.

    Season 5 Episode 12 - Aired 2008-11-23

    Despite a not-so-triumphant return, the guys party it up in NYC. After getting a tip from Vince's mom, E stalks Gus Van Sant to convince him to cast Vince in a role. Meanwhile, Vince reconnects with his high school sweetheart and Drama considers an investment opportunity.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Doug Ellin, Ally Musika

  • Vegas Baby, Vegas!
    9.0/10 1,280 votes

    #5 - Vegas Baby, Vegas!

    Season 3 Episode 9 - Aired 2006-08-06

    The gang heads to Vegas for a much-needed break and a $100,000 promotional appearance for Vince. But it turns out that Turtle reaps the benefits from the appearance. Eric gets jealous when Seth Green makes insinuating comments about Sloan. Vince and Ari partner at the tables, but Ari loses it when Vince's luck ends. Drama lays it on thick with his masseur, leading to an awkward misunderstanding between them.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • Welcome to the Jungle
    8.9/10 1,343 votes

    #6 - Welcome to the Jungle

    Season 4 Episode 1 - Aired 2007-06-17

    A behind-the-scenes documentary about the filming of Medellín in Bogota, Colombia. Billy and Eric clash on the set about keeping the film on track. Billy becomes attracted to an actress which ends up disrupting the production. Drama tries to get Billy to give him a part in the film.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • Lose Yourself
    8.9/10 1,157 votes

    #7 - Lose Yourself

    Season 7 Episode 10 - Aired 2010-09-12

    Ari tries to keep his wife's surprise party on track, the guys attempt to stage an intervention for Vince, and Turtle scrambles to find investors to save the tequila business.

    Director: David Nutter

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • The Sundance Kids
    8.8/10 1,256 votes

    #8 - The Sundance Kids

    Season 2 Episode 7 - Aired 2005-07-17

    Within moments of arriving at Sundance, Eric lands a lunch with studio bigwig – and gets an offer for Vince that might be too good to refuse. Ari advises him to play it safe, and Vince wants to roll the dice. Turtle and Drama don't want to share.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Stephen Levinson, Rob Weiss

  • The Resurrection
    8.8/10 1,058 votes

    #9 - The Resurrection

    Season 3 Episode 18 - Aired 2007-05-13

    Eric and Vince are determined to get "Medellin" off the ground, but the rights to the script stand in their way. Feeling tense the day of the "Five Towns" premiere, Drama seeks relief at a massage parlor, but can't avoid Daily Variety. At the auto-body shop, Turtle meets a girl who shares his love for limited-edition sneakers, but her overbearing father hampers his game.

    Director: David Nutter

    Writer: Ally Musika, Doug Ellin

  • Gotta Look Up to Get Down
    8.8/10 1,130 votes

    #10 - Gotta Look Up to Get Down

    Season 5 Episode 7 - Aired 2008-10-19

    Vince gets a taste of the fashion world when he agrees to do a Dolce & Gabbana photo shoot with a gorgeous supermodel. Ari pays his respects at a funeral while he tries to work a deal for Vince.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Ally Musika, Rob Weiss

  • Play'n With Fire
    8.8/10 990 votes

    #11 - Play'n With Fire

    Season 5 Episode 11 - Aired 2008-11-16

    During shooting of a pivotal scene for "Smokejumpers," Vince gets contradictory direction from Verner, and Ari and Dana Gordon try to put out the flames. After receiving an unexpected call, Turtle has a clandestine meeting.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Rob Weiss, Doug Ellin

  • The End
    8.8/10 1,819 votes

    #12 - The End

    Season 8 Episode 8 - Aired 2011-09-11

    Vince takes a surprising step after a first date with Sophia. A therapy session yields mixed results for Ari and Mrs. Ari, and Vince, Drama and Turtle urge Sloan to work things out with Eric.

    Director: David Nutter

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • Three's Company
    8.7/10 1,068 votes

    #13 - Three's Company

    Season 3 Episode 6 - Aired 2006-07-16

    Vince increases his asking price for Aquaman 2, which forces Ari to ask the studio head for yet another favor. But Vince insists that Ari finds Drama a job before he'll accept any offer from the studio. Meanwhile, Eric's girlfriend and her best friend make him an offer he can't refuse, even if there are ground rules.

    Director: Ken Whittingham

    Writer: Lisa Alden

  • The Cannes Kids
    8.7/10 1,085 votes

    #14 - The Cannes Kids

    Season 4 Episode 12 - Aired 2007-09-02

    In the fourth-season finale, attempts to sell “Medellin” at Cannes are complicated by the fact that no one has seen the finished product. Meanwhile, the popularity of “Viking Quest” gives Drama a boost.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • The All Out Fall Out
    8.7/10 1,083 votes

    #15 - The All Out Fall Out

    Season 5 Episode 3 - Aired 2008-09-21

    To avoid bankruptcy, Vince takes Shauna's and his accountant's advice by agreeing to make an appearance at a not-so-sweet-sixteen bash. After a fast and furious drag race in his new Ferrari, Ari ups the ante with Adam Davies. Still devastated by his breakup, Drama befriends a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Rob Weiss

  • The Abyss
    8.6/10 1,037 votes

    #16 - The Abyss

    Season 2 Episode 14 - Aired 2005-09-04

    Vince's despondent mood forces Eric to consider fending for himself. Meanwhile, Ari has meetings at a coffee shop and Drama and Turtle make a vow of silence.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Rob Weiss, Doug Ellin

  • Sorry, Ari
    8.6/10 1,009 votes

    #17 - Sorry, Ari

    Season 3 Episode 12 - Aired 2006-08-27

    With the apparent loss of the Ramones project and with Ari to blame, Vince and the guys begin to look for other agents to represent him. Ari, hearing of Vince's shopping, fights with all his might to get back the movie. While looking at other agents, Vince realizes they are just too corporate for him and the "scumbag" Ari is the best in the business. However, since Ari cannot get the movie back, he tries to win Vince back with a corporate-style presentation himself. This backfires because the boys find Ari to be just like everyone else now and fire Ari as they walk out of his office.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Rob Weiss, Doug Ellin

  • Adios Amigos
    8.6/10 987 votes

    #18 - Adios Amigos

    Season 3 Episode 20 - Aired 2007-06-03

    Vince, Eric, Drama, and Turtle are forced to move out of the mansion. Eric moves in with Sloan and Drama wants to get an expensive condo. With "Medellin" getting into the early stages of pre-production, a surprise cast member is asked to direct.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • First Class Jerk
    8.6/10 938 votes

    #19 - First Class Jerk

    Season 5 Episode 8 - Aired 2008-10-26

    After scoring a first class seat next to Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Turtle makes a mile-high claim the guys just don't buy. While Ari is distracted, Josh Weinstein courts Vince.

    Director: Ken Whittingham

    Writer: Rob Weiss, Doug Ellin

  • My Maserati Does 185
    8.5/10 1,122 votes

    #20 - My Maserati Does 185

    Season 2 Episode 2 - Aired 2005-06-12

    Vince agrees to a starlet's pet project; Eric reluctantly lets a Perfect Ten model 'take care of him' at a beach party, where Turtle misrepresents his position to get a girl; Drama develops calf envy; and Ari gets steamed up convincing the boys to read the 'Aquaman' script.

    Director: David Nutter

    Writer: Cliff Dorfman, Doug Ellin

  • The Release
    8.5/10 958 votes

    #21 - The Release

    Season 3 Episode 8 - Aired 2006-07-30

    Vince and the entourage receive news that "Queens Boulevard" will be receiving a nationwide release. Ari must compromise with a rival to avoid threats from a group of aggressive agents. Drama is nervous about an important audition and begins to take his anger out on everyone.

    Director: Patty Jenkins

    Writer: Brian Burns, Doug Ellin

  • Sorry, Harvey
    8.5/10 994 votes

    #22 - Sorry, Harvey

    Season 4 Episode 4 - Aired 2007-07-08

    Ari mistakenly mishandles a top-secret script, a mistake that lands him in jail. Drama fetes the mayor of Beverly Hills, with help from Vince. Eric has to go back on his word with Harvey Weingard, a Hollywood heavyweight, when Medellín is accepted into the Cannes Film Festival.

    Director: Ken Whittingham

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • The Day Fuckers
    8.5/10 1,090 votes

    #23 - The Day Fuckers

    Season 4 Episode 7 - Aired 2007-07-29

    Eric and Turtle's love lives become a source of amusement for Vince and Drama. Ari adjusts to having his son in public school.

    Director: Mark Mylod

    Writer: Rob Weiss

  • I Love You Too
    8.4/10 1,064 votes

    #24 - I Love You Too

    Season 2 Episode 9 - Aired 2005-07-31

    Vince makes a splash at a convention with his new co-star. When neither Eric nor Shauna can appease a bitter journalist, Turtle sends a pair of professionals to the rescue. Ari gives Drama a rockin' birthday gift.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Doug Ellin

  • The Bat Mitzvah
    8.4/10 1,052 votes

    #25 - The Bat Mitzvah

    Season 2 Episode 10 - Aired 2005-08-07

    Vince gets up-front about his feelings for Aquagirl, sending everyone into a panic. Meanwhile, Ari's partner Terrance resurfaces, Eric splurges on an 'investment' suit, and Drama and Turtle have high hopes for Little Miss Ari's Bat Mitzvah.

    Director: Julian Farino

    Writer: Rob Weiss, Doug Ellin