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The Best Episodes of The Cleaning Lady

Every episode of The Cleaning Lady ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of The Cleaning Lady!

A whip-smart doctor comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her ailing son. But when the system fails and pushes her into hiding, she refuses to be beaten down and marginalized. Instead, she becomes a cleaning lady for the mob and starts playing the game by her own rules.


Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "The Cleaning Lady" is "Velorio", rated 8.3/10 from 72 user votes. It was directed by N/A and written by N/A. "Velorio" aired on 4/16/2024 and is rated 0.0 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "From the Ashes".

  • Velorio
    8.3/10 72 votes

    #1 - Velorio

    Season 3 Episode 7 - Aired 2024-04-16

    Ramona grows increasingly more apprehensive of Thony's involvement in Arman's life and suspects Thony and Nadia of jeopardizing her and Jorge's plans. Meanwhile, Jeremy volunteers to install security equipment at Fiona's house.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • From the Ashes
    8.3/10 58 votes

    #2 - From the Ashes

    Season 3 Episode 9 - Aired 2024-05-07

    Ramona considers an offer from Thony that causes a shift in their dynamic. Jorge teams up with Nadia as a way to use her connections and Russo's team gets closer to breaking their case open.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Patrick G. Emralino

  • Smoke and Mirrors
    8.3/10 48 votes

    #3 - Smoke and Mirrors

    Season 3 Episode 10 - Aired 2024-05-14

    After finding hidden cameras in her home, Thony attempts to get her family's normal life back by turning down a powerful offer from Ramona. Meanwhile, Jorge proposes a new money-laundering venture to Nadia. Then, Ramona and Jorge's properties are searched by the FBI after Russo obtains a warrant against them.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • At Long Last
    8.1/10 182 votes

    #4 - At Long Last

    Season 2 Episode 12 - Aired 2022-12-12

    After Thony, Arman and Garrett work together to come up with a plan to take down Kamdar once and for all, Thony decides to take things into her own hands to ensure the safety of Fiona and Luca. Season finale.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • El Reloj
    8.0/10 90 votes

    #5 - El Reloj

    Season 3 Episode 6 - Aired 2024-04-09

    Thony gets a new lead on Arman's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ramona tries to cut a deal with Nadia and Luca attends his first day of school.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Fight or Flight
    8.0/10 31 votes

    #6 - Fight or Flight

    Season 3 Episode 11 - Aired 2024-05-21

    As Ramona continues her attempts to recruit Thony into her business, Thony and Fiona work with the FBI to help Nadia. Meanwhile, the FBI starts organizing a plan to take down Ramona inside her own event.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • The Crown
    7.9/10 322 votes

    #7 - The Crown

    Season 1 Episode 10 - Aired 2022-03-14

    In need of a way out, Thony tries to make a deal with Garrett to save herself and help Arman; Loyalties are put to the test as families both unite and fall apart.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • House of Cards
    7.9/10 26 votes

    #8 - House of Cards

    Season 3 Episode 12 - Aired 2024-05-21

    Russo receives a terrifying warning from Sin Cara and Jorge gets news that could alter his alliances.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Truth or Consequences
    7.8/10 187 votes

    #9 - Truth or Consequences

    Season 2 Episode 7 - Aired 2022-11-07

    Detective Flores digs deeper into the cause of Marco's death. Meanwhile, Thony, Arman and Garrett team up to bring down Kamdar.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Sophie Hessekiel

  • Full on Gangsta
    7.7/10 287 votes

    #10 - Full on Gangsta

    Season 1 Episode 8 - Aired 2022-02-28

    Thony enlists Arman’s help to get to Mexico for Luca’s transplant, but plans go dangerously off course when Hayak finds out Arman is lying to him. Thony finds herself in a desperate situation, forcing her to call upon both the former doctor and the newfound “gangsta” in herself.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Coming Home Again
    7.7/10 290 votes

    #11 - Coming Home Again

    Season 1 Episode 9 - Aired 2022-03-07

    Arman's fallout with Hayak has severe consequences for Thony, who must now find her way back home from Mexico with Luca. In hiding, Arman tries to help Thony get back, but it is Garrett who steps in to get Thony across the border where, upon re-entry, things aren't what they seem.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Paradise Lost
    7.7/10 208 votes

    #12 - Paradise Lost

    Season 2 Episode 6 - Aired 2022-10-24

    An unexpected trio emerges in the mission to take down Cortés, as Arman and Nadia's relationship hits a breaking point. Meanwhile, Fiona attempts to keep her family safe as Chris continues to grieve.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Spousal Privilege
    7.7/10 182 votes

    #13 - Spousal Privilege

    Season 2 Episode 8 - Aired 2022-11-14

    JD temporarily takes in Fiona and the kids during a time of need. Meanwhile, Garrett changes strategies in his attempt to stop Kamdar.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • For My Son
    7.6/10 93 votes

    #14 - For My Son

    Season 3 Episode 2 - Aired 2024-03-12

    Thony turns to Ramona to get Fiona back to the United States but finds herself indebted. Meanwhile, a secret Fiona has kept hidden for decades comes to light, creating friction between herself and family members.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Viento
    7.6/10 84 votes

    #15 - Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Viento

    Season 3 Episode 4 - Aired 2024-03-26

    As Luca's CPS interview nears, Thony focuses on getting Fiona back home with the help of Jorge. Meanwhile, Nadia continues to investigate Arman's disappearance and finds herself face-to-face with Ramona.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • TNT
    7.5/10 622 votes

    #16 - TNT

    Season 1 Episode 1 - Aired 2022-01-03

    Thony, a whip-smart Cambodian doctor, struggles to make ends meet as an undocumented worker after coming to the U.S. from the Philippines in search of a medical treatment for her ailing son. After witnessing a murder, Thony cleans the crime scene to stay alive, then begins living a double life, cleaning for a crime syndicate while doing what is necessary to save her son.

    Director: Michael Offer

    Writer: Miranda Kwok

  • The Lion's Den
    7.5/10 454 votes

    #17 - The Lion's Den

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 2022-01-10

    Thony attempts to sever ties with the crime syndicate when the FBI comes asking questions. But when her son’s health declines, she crosses a moral line, getting deeper involved with the syndicate. Meanwhile, things turn violent during a weapons exchange when inventory goes missing and Arman has 24 hours to find the thief.

    Director: Jon Amiel

    Writer: Miranda Kwok, Melissa Carter

  • The Ask
    7.5/10 170 votes

    #18 - The Ask

    Season 2 Episode 9 - Aired 2022-11-28

    As Luca grows sicker, Thony will do anything to get him a new medication, including asking Kamdar for help. Meanwhile, Arman confronts Nadia about her secret.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Sanctuary
    7.5/10 155 votes

    #19 - Sanctuary

    Season 2 Episode 11 - Aired 2022-12-12

    Thony is confronted by Garrett regarding the truth behind Maya's death as Nadia tries to stay on Kamdar's good side. Meanwhile, Fiona helps Luca celebrate his birthday.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Know Thy Enemy
    7.5/10 66 votes

    #20 - Know Thy Enemy

    Season 3 Episode 8 - Aired 2024-04-30

    As Thony starts to spiral, Fiona grows tired of her antics and goes to Russo for help. Meanwhile, Ramona and Jorge focus on cleaning up Arman's mess, ensuring nothing can be traced back to them.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Kabayan
    7.4/10 366 votes

    #21 - Kabayan

    Season 1 Episode 4 - Aired 2022-01-31

    Facing a heartbreaking setback with Luca's treatment, Thony desperately takes matters into her own hands. But when a potential donor refuses to participate, she turns to Arman for help, who escalates the situation to get results. Meanwhile, Garrett makes a risky demand of Thony, pushing her deeper into moral ambiguity.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • The Icebox
    7.4/10 333 votes

    #22 - The Icebox

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 2022-02-07

    When a party bus cleanup job takes a turn for the worse, and Garrett puts Thony in a threatening position, she must choose between her loyalty to Arman and saving Fiona from deportation. Meanwhile, after all his efforts to secure a new business for Hayak, Arman is blindsided when Hayak chooses his daughter over him.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Mother's Mission
    7.4/10 304 votes

    #23 - Mother's Mission

    Season 1 Episode 6 - Aired 2022-02-14

    Since their brush with ICE, Fiona and Thony’s relationship is strained, as a result of Thony’s lies. Meanwhile, Arman uses Thony’s relationship with Garrett to feed information to the FBI. Then, as Luca’s health declines, Thony must decide if she can work with Mother Donna, who may be a potential resource for a liver transplant for Luca, but at what cost to Thony.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Bahala Na
    7.4/10 204 votes

    #24 - Bahala Na

    Season 2 Episode 4 - Aired 2022-10-10

    After Fiona puts herself in a dangerous situation, Thony resorts to calling Arman for help, which continues to drive a wedge between Arman and Nadia. Meanwhile, Garrett works to get put back on the Cortez case, and Chris struggles with the emotional aftermath of recent events.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Trust
    7.4/10 162 votes

    #25 - Trust

    Season 2 Episode 10 - Aired 2022-12-05

    As Arman and Nadia plan their most dangerous scheme yet, Thony questions her alliances, especially with Luca's health deteriorating. Meanwhile, Garrett zeroes in on a suspect in Maya's death.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A