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The Best Episodes of The Mindy Project

Every episode of The Mindy Project ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of The Mindy Project!

Obstetrician/gynecologist Mindy Lahiri tries to balance her personal and professional life, surrounded by quirky co-workers in a small medical practice in New York City.


Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "The Mindy Project" is "Danny and Mindy", rated 9.2/10 from 523 user votes. It was directed by Michael Spiller and written by Mindy Kaling. "Danny and Mindy" aired on 5/6/2014 and is rated 0.5 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "You've Got Sext".

  • Danny and Mindy
    9.2/10 523 votes

    #1 - Danny and Mindy

    Season 2 Episode 22 - Aired 2014-05-06

    When Mindy reads a description of an encounter a man had with her in New York, she thinks she has found her dream guy - which leads to a surprising reveal.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Mindy Kaling

  • You've Got Sext
    8.7/10 503 votes

    #2 - You've Got Sext

    Season 2 Episode 8 - Aired 2013-11-12

    When Mindy tells Danny she has a crush, he thinks she's talking about him instead of Cliff the lawyer. Meanwhile, Morgan and Peter find Mindy's phone and respond to a text from Cliff, which starts off innocently, but escalates into something that may lead to unintended romantic consequences.

    Director: Alex Hardcastle

    Writer: Mindy Kaling

  • Christmas Party Sex Trap
    8.5/10 406 votes

    #3 - Christmas Party Sex Trap

    Season 2 Episode 11 - Aired 2013-12-03

    Mindy plans an office Christmas party for the entire building, so she can spend more time with Cliff. However, things don't go Mindy's way when Brendan Deslaurier's date steals Mindy's thunder by performing a seductive "Santa Baby" dance for the party guests.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Tracey Wigfield

  • It Had to Be You
    8.5/10 219 votes

    #4 - It Had to Be You

    Season 6 Episode 10 - Aired 2017-11-14

    Mindy’s fertility practice is in danger and Annette’s upcoming surgery looms large. While Mindy and Danny wait for word on the surgery, Mindy attends Morgan and Tamra’s dream wedding, where she and the rest of the Shulman gang try to find their own happy endings.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Mindy Kaling, Matt Warburton

  • While I Was Sleeping
    8.4/10 293 votes

    #5 - While I Was Sleeping

    Season 4 Episode 1 - Aired 2015-09-15

    Since Danny won’t propose, Mindy dreams of married life with the perfect man. Meanwhile, Danny tries to stop Mindy’s parents from marrying her off to an eligible Indian bachelor.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Mindy Kaling

  • When Mindy Met Danny
    8.4/10 242 votes

    #6 - When Mindy Met Danny

    Season 4 Episode 13 - Aired 2015-12-08

    Mindy reflects on her first day at Schulman and Associates to see just how much her relationship with Danny has changed in the last few years.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Mindy Kaling, Matt Warburton

  • Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer
    8.3/10 378 votes

    #7 - Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer

    Season 2 Episode 12 - Aired 2014-01-07

    Mindy convinces Danny to help her get into shape before a weekend away with Cliff; Peter acts as managing partner when Jeremy is out sick.

    Director: Rob Schrab

    Writer: Charlie Grandy

  • Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party
    8.2/10 433 votes

    #8 - Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party

    Season 1 Episode 9 - Aired 2012-12-11

    When Mindy throws an office Christmas party at her apartment, she is eager for her colleagues to finally meet her boyfriend, Josh, but her plans go awry when she discovers a secret that Josh has been hiding. Meanwhile, Jeremy deals with doling out the office holiday bonuses, much to everyone's chagrin.

    Director: Charles McDougall

    Writer: Jeremy Bronson

  • My Cool Christian Boyfriend
    8.2/10 377 votes

    #9 - My Cool Christian Boyfriend

    Season 1 Episode 19 - Aired 2013-04-02

    When Mindy goes on a date with a cute minister named Casey, she feels compelled to attend his church to show him that she is a good person. But when Casey admits to Mindy that he thinks she's a selfish person, she decides to go on the practice's volunteer trip to a women's prison to prove him wrong.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Jack Burditt

  • Wiener Night
    8.2/10 380 votes

    #10 - Wiener Night

    Season 2 Episode 5 - Aired 2013-10-15

    Mindy hits it off with a journalist named Jason, but Jason is a bit snobbish and finds Mindy to be too mainstream. To show that she's more cultured than he thinks, Mindy invites Jason to Christina's art show, where nude photos of Danny are on display.

    Director: Michael Weaver

    Writer: Jack Burditt

  • The Desert
    8.2/10 424 votes

    #11 - The Desert

    Season 2 Episode 14 - Aired 2014-01-21

    When Cliff breaks up with Mindy over Casey, she plans to win him back; Danny tricks Mindy into going to see his dad in the desert.

    Director: Marco Fargnoli

    Writer: Mindy Kaling, Tracey Wigfield

  • An Officer and a Gynecologist
    8.2/10 323 votes

    #12 - An Officer and a Gynecologist

    Season 2 Episode 20 - Aired 2014-04-22

    Mindy has a run-in with the law when a surly police officer admonishes her for giving his young daughter birth control pills. Meanwhile, Danny befriends a rabbi who offers to refer his congregation to Schulman & Associates because he thinks Danny is Jewish.

    Director: David Rogers

    Writer: Jack Burditt, Lang Fisher

  • We're a Couple Now, Haters!
    8.2/10 324 votes

    #13 - We're a Couple Now, Haters!

    Season 3 Episode 1 - Aired 2014-09-16

    It is the beginning of 'firsts' for Mindy and Danny, as they try to set new relationship boundaries for each other in the office. Meanwhile, things get a little complicated when Jeremy tries to organize a charity event with Peter's girlfriend, Lauren.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Mindy Kaling

  • Dinner At The Castellanos
    8.2/10 252 votes

    #14 - Dinner At The Castellanos

    Season 3 Episode 15 - Aired 2015-02-10

    Mindy has some big news to tell Danny but, just as she is getting ready to tell him, his father (guest star Dan Hedaya) and half-sister (guest star Madison Moellers) show up for an unexpected visit. The whole crew is invited to Annette's house for the world's most awkward family dinner.

    Director: David Rogers

    Writer: Charlie Grandy

  • Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist
    8.1/10 456 votes

    #15 - Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 2012-11-13

    When Mindy must find a new gynecologist, she asks Danny to assume the role. Eventually, he accepts - on the grounds that Mindy will feel too uncomfortable to go through with the exam. The two then play a game of chicken to see who will back out of the deal first. Meanwhile, Jeremy tricks Morgan and Betsy into helping him break into Mindy's apartment to retrieve a valuable item.

    Director: Peter Lauer

    Writer: Mindy Kaling

  • Best Man
    8.1/10 247 votes

    #16 - Best Man

    Season 3 Episode 21 - Aired 2015-03-24

    Mindy starts to question Danny's commitment to their relationship when he's a no-show for dinner with her parents. Meanwhile, when Morgan thinks he overhears Mindy saying Danny is not the father of her baby, he gathers all the guys with whom she's ever slept, in an attempt to figure out who is the real father.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Mindy Kaling

  • Homewrecker
    8.1/10 181 votes

    #17 - Homewrecker

    Season 4 Episode 26 - Aired 2016-07-05

    A mishap at Leo's school forces Danny and Mindy to spend time together. Jody tries to win back Mindy's trust with an extravagant gift.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Chris Schleicher, Lang Fisher

  • Hot Mess Time Machine
    8.1/10 153 votes

    #18 - Hot Mess Time Machine

    Season 5 Episode 8 - Aired 2017-02-14

    Still reeling from her breakup with Ben, Mindy finds herself living the same day over and over again, and realizes that the only way to break the spell is to make things right with Ben.

    Director: David Rogers

    Writer: Matt Warburton

  • Mindy Lahiri Is a White Man
    8.1/10 218 votes

    #19 - Mindy Lahiri Is a White Man

    Season 5 Episode 12 - Aired 2017-03-14

    Mindy is unfairly passed over for a promotion and goes to bed wishing things were different. She wakes up in the body of a handsome white man and quickly discovers the perks that come with white male privilege.

    Director: Marco Fargnoli

    Writer: Lang Fisher

  • C Is for Coward
    8.0/10 225 votes

    #20 - C Is for Coward

    Season 4 Episode 2 - Aired 2015-09-22

    Danny and a very pregnant Mindy cannot agree on a birthing plan, but these ob-gyns are reminded that some things are totally out of their control.

    Director: Alex Hardcastle

    Writer: Matt Warburton

  • Santa Fe
    7.9/10 378 votes

    #21 - Santa Fe

    Season 1 Episode 21 - Aired 2013-04-09

    As the doctors of Schulman and Associates prepare for a medical conference in Santa Fe, NM, Mindy receives a message from her ex-boyfriend, Josh, who is now living there and wants to talk. But Mindy is in for a surprise when she discovers why Josh moved west. Meanwhile, Morgan helps Jeremy work on a potentially career-changing presentation, which doesn’t go according to plan.

    Director: B.J. Novak

    Writer: Tracey Wigfield

  • Take Me With You
    7.9/10 387 votes

    #22 - Take Me With You

    Season 1 Episode 24 - Aired 2013-05-14

    Mindy makes the bold decision to move to Haiti with Casey for a year, much to the amusement of her co-workers. In order to prove that she can survive in rough conditions, Mindy invites herself and Casey on a camping trip with Danny and his ex-wife, Christina, with whom he has recently reconciled.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Jeremy Bronson, Mindy Kaling

  • Be Cool
    7.9/10 339 votes

    #23 - Be Cool

    Season 2 Episode 17 - Aired 2014-04-08

    Mindy and Danny try their hand at dating. But they discover that redefining their relationship isn't as easy as they thought it would be, especially when the pharmaceuticals representative whom Danny used to date re-enters the picture.

    Director: Rob Schrab

    Writer: Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen

  • Girl Next Door
    7.9/10 314 votes

    #24 - Girl Next Door

    Season 2 Episode 21 - Aired 2014-04-29

    Danny offers Mindy the opportunity to buy the other condo he owns in his building, but gets jealous when she begins to date Charlie, the police officer. Meanwhile, Peter dates a brain surgeon whom he fears may be too mature for him.

    Director: Michael Weaver

    Writer: Alina Mankin, Tracey Wigfield

  • The Devil Wears Lands' End
    7.9/10 251 votes

    #25 - The Devil Wears Lands' End

    Season 3 Episode 5 - Aired 2014-10-14

    Mindy kisses a girl and doesn't like it while the boys play beer pong with Shonda Rhimes.

    Director: Michael Spiller

    Writer: Jeremy Bronson