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The Best Episodes of My Wife and Kids

Every episode of My Wife and Kids ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of My Wife and Kids!

Michael Kyle is a loving husband and modern-day patriarch who rules his household with a unique and distinct parenting style. As he teaches his three children some of life's lessons, he does so with his own brand of humor.


Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "My Wife and Kids" is "The Maid", rated 8/10 from 168 user votes. It was directed by Damon Wayans and written by N/A. "The Maid" aired on 5/5/2004 and is rated 0.0 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Michael Joins a Gym".

  • The Maid
    8.0/10 168 votes

    #1 - The Maid

    Season 4 Episode 26 - Aired 2004-05-05

    While Jay is away at a seminar, Michael hires a maid, Mrs. Hopkins, to look after the family. Mrs. Hopkins fulfills their every need and want to a sweet perfection, including homemade ice cream, an immaculately clean house and handmade outfits for Claire. When Jay comes home, she appreciates Mrs. Hopkins' attention to every detail, but begins to feel that perhaps she has taken over just a bit too much.

    Director: Damon Wayans

    Writer: N/A

  • Michael Joins a Gym
    8.0/10 196 votes

    #2 - Michael Joins a Gym

    Season 5 Episode 19 - Aired 2005-03-15

    The same day Michael realizes he can't fit into his favorite pair of vintage jeans, he runs into an old high school friend, the muscular Daryl (Terry Crews), who doesn't look any older than when Michael last saw him. He enlists Darryl's help to get him back into shape and, in the process, becomes obsessed with looking fit and buff. Meanwhile, Franklin fails his first test and fears that Kady will no longer accept him.

    Director: George O. Gore II

    Writer: Kim Wayans

  • Table for Too Many, Part 2
    7.7/10 186 votes

    #3 - Table for Too Many, Part 2

    Season 2 Episode 17 - Aired 2002-02-06

    The family goes out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. Once there, the Kyles must share a table with an incredibly annoying family, the Tylers. Michael feels like he's being ripped off at every turn; things get out of control between the two families and even the restaurant employees. The two families have been enemies ever since.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • No Rules
    7.6/10 171 votes

    #4 - No Rules

    Season 2 Episode 3 - Aired 2001-10-03

    Michael decides to let the kids live a rule-free life, but on the condition that they do everything for themselves; including cooking and paying for their own phone calls.

    Director: James Widdoes

    Writer: Dean Lorey

  • Table for Too Many, Part 1
    7.6/10 175 votes

    #5 - Table for Too Many, Part 1

    Season 2 Episode 16 - Aired 2002-02-06

    Michael, who dislikes going out to dinner because it's always an overpriced ordeal, allows Janet to convince him to take the family to a Japanese restaurant.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Michael's Garden
    7.5/10 150 votes

    #6 - Michael's Garden

    Season 2 Episode 6 - Aired 2001-10-24

    Michael has problems in the bathroom and needs to have a colonoscopy; he has a dream that his doctor is singer Lou Rawls. Lou Rawls guest stars in an episode that takes a lighthearted but informative look at a serious problem: colon cancer. It's especially acute among African-Americans over 40 - and guess who's 40?

    Director: James Widdoes

    Writer: N/A

  • Get Out
    7.5/10 147 votes

    #7 - Get Out

    Season 2 Episode 14 - Aired 2002-01-23

    Chaos erupts when Michael tries to get his always-tardy family dressed and out the door to a wedding within just 15 minutes.

    Director: James Widdoes

    Writer: Dean Lorey

  • The Bowling Show
    7.4/10 143 votes

    #8 - The Bowling Show

    Season 2 Episode 26 - Aired 2002-05-08

    The Kyles face the Tylers in a game of bowling during Star Trek night. The Tyler's daughter tries to charm Junior into throwing the ball and not caring; Junior develops a crush on her.

    Director: Sheldon Epps

    Writer: N/A

  • The Kyles Go to Hawaii, Part 1
    7.4/10 155 votes

    #9 - The Kyles Go to Hawaii, Part 1

    Season 3 Episode 1 - Aired 2002-09-25

    The Kyles are leaving for their family vacation on Hawaii, but instead of taking only one flight straight to the island, Michael books a 43-hour flight to Hawaii with several layovers in order to save money. Plus, Michael chastises Janet for packing too many clothes.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Dean Lorey

  • Jr's Dating Dilemma
    7.4/10 135 votes

    #10 - Jr's Dating Dilemma

    Season 3 Episode 10 - Aired 2002-11-20

    Michael's advice about women backfires when Jr. ends up with two dates to a dance. Plus, Jay dreams Michael is having an affair with Janet Jackson.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Graduation - Part 2
    7.4/10 130 votes

    #11 - Graduation - Part 2

    Season 3 Episode 27 - Aired 2003-05-21

    Junior finally graduates, and his parents give him a trip to Japan as a gift – and as a way to separate Junior and Vanessa, who are planning on moving in together and getting married as soon as they start college. Both Kady and Clare admit their sadness on Junior leaving, and Michael and Jay feel proud of having raised a semi-successful child. They go out to relive some of their memories and when they come back late at night they find Junior and Vanessa sitting in the kitchen. He's decided not to go to Japan anymore. Vanessa is pregnant.

    Director: Eric Laneuville

    Writer: Don Reo

  • Marathon
    7.4/10 116 votes

    #12 - Marathon

    Season 4 Episode 9 - Aired 2003-11-19

    The Kyles and Vanessa's parents escort her to her first ultrasound. When asked if they wanted to know the baby's sex, Michael is the only one who stands out with a positive answer. Obsessed with knowing whether he's having a grandson or a granddaughter, he tries by all means to have the doctor tell him. He finally assumes it's a boy, and tells Jay and eventually the rest of the family. But in the end the situation reverses as they all confirm with the doctor the real sex of the future Kyle and leave Michael out in the rain. Meanwhile, Franklyn freaks out with the idea of losing Kady to ""Smilin' Willie"" and tries to learn how to be a dance master.

    Director: Dean Lorey

    Writer: Dean Lorey

  • Let Them Eat Pie
    7.3/10 152 votes

    #13 - Let Them Eat Pie

    Season 2 Episode 8 - Aired 2001-11-07

    Claire, playing a dare game with Jr. and Kady, eats Michael's piece of pie. Michael's punishment: Let them eat pie (and only pie). Meanwhile, Michael offers to be the dieting Jay's "chubby buddy": He'll eat the same lo-cal food she does. Of course, he doesn't tell her that he plans to cheat.

    Director: James Widdoes

    Writer: N/A

  • The Whole World is Watching
    7.3/10 154 votes

    #14 - The Whole World is Watching

    Season 2 Episode 10 - Aired 2001-11-21

    Michael and Janet's romantic overtures are seen on the Internet after Jr. gets new computer equipment that includes a 24-hour web cam.

    Director: James Widdoes

    Writer: Don Reo

  • Letting Go
    7.3/10 142 votes

    #15 - Letting Go

    Season 2 Episode 11 - Aired 2001-11-28

    Kady has acquired a hamster and Claire has a crush on a boy named Tony. Both developments pose parental challenges for Michael and Jay. The hamster dies. And Michael wishes Claire's new beau would follow suit.

    Director: James Widdoes

    Writer: N/A

  • The Kyles Go to Hawaii, Part 2
    7.3/10 147 votes

    #16 - The Kyles Go to Hawaii, Part 2

    Season 3 Episode 2 - Aired 2002-09-25

    Finally in Hawaii, Michael and Janet decide to go out on a romantic dinner, leaving their kids all alone. Claire and Jr. fight over who'll have to stay in the room babysitting for Kady, but Claire lets her brother get out of the duty, after all it's not often he gets a date. Jr. has a memorable night on the beach with Leilani, a native girl. Michael and Janet are pursued by two attractive strangers; Claire goes on a shopping spree.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Dean Lorey

  • The Kyles Go to Hawaii, Part 3
    7.3/10 141 votes

    #17 - The Kyles Go to Hawaii, Part 3

    Season 3 Episode 3 - Aired 2002-10-02

    A mad scramble ensues when Michael finds out that the family's flight home from Hawaii leaves much earlier than he thought, but matters are complicated when a love-smitten Jr. insists on staying with his new love, Leilani. Meanwhile Kady refuses to leave without her beloved doll, Little Pippy, and Claire has to go to extremes to keep her parents from finding out about her exorbitant hotel charges.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Claire's New Boyfriend
    7.3/10 156 votes

    #18 - Claire's New Boyfriend

    Season 3 Episode 6 - Aired 2002-10-23

    Claire drops Tony for zip-code boy 1040-EZ, because her father displayed a liking for Tony.Jr. draws his mother's portrait.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Crouching Mother, Hidden Father
    7.3/10 152 votes

    #19 - Crouching Mother, Hidden Father

    Season 3 Episode 7 - Aired 2002-10-30

    Jay volunteered to be the director for Kady's kindergarten class play, but due to illness she is forced to step away from the production, leaving Michael to fill the void; he allows the kids to do whatever they want.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Chair Man of the Board
    7.3/10 145 votes

    #20 - Chair Man of the Board

    Season 3 Episode 12 - Aired 2002-12-04

    Michael's old friend Tommy is coming over and Michael is very excited because he and Tommy used to compete for everything. But his excitement soon turns into awkwardness when Tommy shows in on a wheelchair and Michael doesn't know how to act with the situation. Tommy decides to take advantage of that until they have a talk in which Tommy asks Michael to treat him like he used to, because despite the wheelchair he's the same guy that used to race Michael for anything. Meanwhile, Claire is caught shoplifting and gets grounded for it. When she confronts Kady about who put the nail polishers on her purse she feels so guilty she confesses to their parents that Claire didn't do it. The punishment? She will no longer be treated like a baby.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • Blackout
    7.3/10 126 votes

    #21 - Blackout

    Season 3 Episode 15 - Aired 2003-01-22

    Michael wants some time alone in the house and makes a deal with Jay for her and the kids to get out of the house. But of course it doesn't come as easy as he hoped. He has to pay for Claire to agree on going to the mall and is forced to watch The Little Mermaid with Kady for the hundredth time. He switches the movie to Gremlins, which scares the death out of the poor girl, and when the power goes off Claire freaks out about losing her entire work on the computer. In the end, the power failure ends up bringing the Kyles closer together.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: N/A

  • The Truth Hurts
    7.2/10 212 votes

    #22 - The Truth Hurts

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 2001-03-28

    Michael suspects the family is less than truthful about certain matters. Junior gets some tattoos; Michael annoys Kady.

    Director: James Widdoes

    Writer: N/A

  • Grassy Knoll
    7.2/10 190 votes

    #23 - Grassy Knoll

    Season 1 Episode 3 - Aired 2001-04-04

    Jay is trying to get rid of some old clothes, so after Michael opposes to that she and him make a deal that everything that is not worn by the end of the week has to go. Meanwhile, Junior is trying to learn how to play the guitar and his friend convinces him to smoke pot. Kady gets angry at Claire for avoiding her.

    Director: Ted Wass

    Writer: N/A

  • Making the Grade
    7.2/10 180 votes

    #24 - Making the Grade

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 2001-04-11

    Junior fakes an A in algebra while his family, not fooled by the charade, fakes a celebration. Meanwhile, Claire blackmails Junior because she had caught him red-handed forging his report card.

    Director: Leonard R. Garner, Jr.

    Writer: N/A

  • Breaking Up and Breaking It
    7.2/10 166 votes

    #25 - Breaking Up and Breaking It

    Season 1 Episode 9 - Aired 2001-04-25

    Michael tries to get Claire away from her new boyfriend by befriending him, but things get touchy when she dumps him. Jr. overdoes it in the bathroom.

    Director: Leonard R. Garner, Jr.

    Writer: N/A