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The Best Episodes of Sword Art Online

Every episode of Sword Art Online ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Sword Art Online!

In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear. One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive unless they reach the 100th floor of the game's tower and defeat the final boss. However, if they die in the game, they die in real life. Their struggle for survival starts now...

Genres:AnimationSci-Fi & FantasyAction & Adventure

Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Sword Art Online" is "The End of the World", rated 8.8/10 from 1091 user votes. It was directed by Tomohiko Ito and written by Yukito Kizawa. "The End of the World" aired on 10/7/2012 and is rated 0.1 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Taboo Index".

  • The End of the World
    8.8/10 1,091 votes

    #1 - The End of the World

    Season 1 Episode 14 - Aired 2012-10-07

    Game over.

    Director: Tomohiko Ito

    Writer: Yukito Kizawa

  • Taboo Index
    8.7/10 474 votes

    #2 - Taboo Index

    Season 3 Episode 10 - Aired 2018-12-09

    Ronie and Tiese are late getting to the dorm. Kirito rushes out in search of them, but no sooner has he gone than Frenica appears. She tells Eugeo about how she's suffered at Humbert's hands, and that Tiese and Ronie went to confront him about it.

    Director: Shunsuke Nakashige

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • End to Eternity
    8.7/10 415 votes

    #3 - End to Eternity

    Season 4 Episode 14 - Aired 2020-07-19

    Despite its modest size, the Human Empire Army and Asuna valiantly battle the wave of American players surging towards them. But they’re hopelessly outnumbered, and the Human Empire soldiers start to fall one after another.

    Director: Toru Hamasaki

    Writer: Kohei Urushibara

  • Sword and Fist
    8.6/10 365 votes

    #4 - Sword and Fist

    Season 4 Episode 9 - Aired 2019-12-08

    Upon seeing Alice, Gabriel orders his entire army to capture her. The pugilists guild races ahead of the main force. As Alice and Bercouli try to come up with a strategy to counter them, the silent Integrity Knight Sheyta Synthesis Twelve steps forward.

    Director: Hiroshi Kimura

    Writer: Kohei Urushibara

  • Mother's Rosario
    8.5/10 627 votes

    #5 - Mother's Rosario

    Season 2 Episode 24 - Aired 2014-12-20

    Getting to experience the outside world, Yuuki’s days are more satisfactory than ever before. In ALO, the players have a barbecue and end up on a quest. In the real world, Asuna and the girls take a trip to Kyoto. One day, Asuna receives an email…

    Director: Tomohiko Ito

    Writer: Tomohiko Ito

  • Memories
    8.5/10 342 votes

    #6 - Memories

    Season 4 Episode 18 - Aired 2020-08-16

    Sinon manages to severely damage Gabriel, but her strength has been sapped. Leafa collapses after wiping out the American players. And Asuna, her situation now hopeless, gazes at Kirito. But the Black Swordsman continues to wander through his dreams.

    Director: Yuya Horiuchi

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • The Blue-Eyed Demon
    8.4/10 882 votes

    #7 - The Blue-Eyed Demon

    Season 1 Episode 9 - Aired 2012-09-02

    To save a group of players and Asuna from a Boss character, Kirito is forced to play his trump card.

    Director: Koichi Kikuta

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto, Naoki Shouji

  • Battle of the Knights
    8.4/10 344 votes

    #8 - Battle of the Knights

    Season 4 Episode 6 - Aired 2019-11-17

    The Final Load Test has begun, and the Eastern Gate has collapsed. Incited by Gabriel, now Emperor Vecta, the massive army of the land of darkness pushes on towards the Human Empire.

    Director: Takuma Suzuki

    Writer: Yukito Kizawa

  • Ray of Light
    8.3/10 335 votes

    #9 - Ray of Light

    Season 4 Episode 12 - Aired 2019-12-29

    Due to Gabriel's scheme, U.S. players were given black knight accounts, and are now continuously logging in to the Underworld. They begin mercilessly slaughtering soldiers from both the Human Empire Army and the Dark Territory Army.

    Director: Shunsuke Nakashige, Kenji Seto

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • The Night-Sky Blade
    8.3/10 315 votes

    #10 - The Night-Sky Blade

    Season 4 Episode 20 - Aired 2020-08-30

    Alice and Asuna head to the World’s End Altar as Kirito confronts Gabriel. Unless he can defeat Gabriel and return to the real world before the maximum-acceleration phase begins, Kirito will have to spend the next 200 years in the Underworld.

    Director: Masakazu Obara

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • Crimson Killing Intent
    8.2/10 838 votes

    #11 - Crimson Killing Intent

    Season 1 Episode 10 - Aired 2012-09-09

    Kirito has agreed to a duel with the head of the Blood Alliance Knights. If Kirito wins, Asuna is free to leave the Knights and if he loses…

    Director: Hideya Takahashi

    Writer: Yukito Kizawa

  • The Relentless Knight
    8.2/10 327 votes

    #12 - The Relentless Knight

    Season 3 Episode 15 - Aired 2019-01-20

    Kirito and Eugeo are on their way up the stairs of the Central Cathedral when they encounter two girls named Linel and Fizel. As they stand, wondering what two children are doing there, they let their guard down and...

    Director: Daige Tokuda, Hirotaka Tokuda

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • Blood and Life
    8.2/10 300 votes

    #13 - Blood and Life

    Season 4 Episode 8 - Aired 2019-12-01

    The powerful formal art unleashed by the Integrity Knight Alice inflicts severe casualties on the forces of darkness. Alice encounters an enemy survivor and learns that Emperor Vecta's objective is to find the "Priestess of Light."

    Director: Shunsuke Nakashige

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • Awakening
    8.2/10 309 votes

    #14 - Awakening

    Season 4 Episode 19 - Aired 2020-08-23

    Escaping his nightmares, Kirito regains consciousness at last. With the Night-Sky Blade in his right hand and the broken Blue Rose Sword in his left, he faces off against Vassago, armed with the Mate-Chopper, now enormous in size.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Kohei Urushibara

  • The World of Swords
    8.1/10 1,143 votes

    #15 - The World of Swords

    Season 1 Episode 1 - Aired 2012-07-08

    It's launch day for one of the most highly-anticipated video games of all time. Join the character "Kirito" as he begins his journey in the virtual world of Sword Art Online.

    Director: Tomohiko Ito

    Writer: Yukie Sugawara, Yukito Kizawa

  • Departure
    8.1/10 364 votes

    #16 - Departure

    Season 3 Episode 4 - Aired 2018-10-28

    Kirito and Eugeo realize Selka has taken off to the End Mountains alone, and decide to chase after her. As they enter the cave, they encounter goblins, presumably from the Dark Territory, and must engage in a battle.

    Director: Michiru Itabisashi

    Writer: Ko Nekota

  • The Osmanthus Knight
    8.1/10 322 votes

    #17 - The Osmanthus Knight

    Season 3 Episode 16 - Aired 2019-01-27

    Though riddled with wounds, Kirito manages to activate his Perfect Weapon Control art. Continuing on their way to the top floor of the Central Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo find themselves standing before a strange-looking floating platform.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • The Legendary Hero
    8.1/10 320 votes

    #18 - The Legendary Hero

    Season 3 Episode 18 - Aired 2019-02-10

    Eugeo reaches the ninetieth floor of the Central Cathedral, which turns out to be a vast bathing area. The perplexed Eugeo encounters Bercouli Synthesis One soaking in the bath. Meanwhile, Kirito and Alice are still climbing the Central Cathedral wall.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Yukito Kizawa

  • Stigma of the Disqualified
    8.1/10 294 votes

    #19 - Stigma of the Disqualified

    Season 4 Episode 7 - Aired 2019-11-24

    Integrity Knight Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven, in battle for the first time, flees his position, allowing goblins from the forces of darkness to infiltrate to the tent where Kirito is.

    Director: Yuya Horiuchi

    Writer: Kohei Urushibara

  • Heartless Choice
    8.1/10 308 votes

    #20 - Heartless Choice

    Season 4 Episode 11 - Aired 2019-12-22

    Asuna has created a bottomless chasm. The dark knights and the pugilists attempt to cross over to the other side, where the Human Empire Army waits. Meanwhile, Critter releases an announcement about a limited-time beta test for a bizarre new VRMMO.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • Death Gun
    8.0/10 461 votes

    #21 - Death Gun

    Season 2 Episode 9 - Aired 2014-08-30

    The man in the cape shoots Pale Rider and he is eliminated despite the fact that he has HP remaining. The man says that he is Death Gun, and declares that he will bring true death. Asuna and her friends are watching a live stream of BoB and realize that Death Gun is one of the leaders of Laughing Coffin.

    Director: Yoshihiko Iwata

    Writer: Yukie Sugawara

  • In the Far North
    8.0/10 372 votes

    #22 - In the Far North

    Season 4 Episode 1 - Aired 2019-10-13

    Six months have passed since the fierce battle against Administrator. Alice has brought Kirito to her childhood home, Rulid Village, where they live peacefully. Gazing out at the world that she saved with Kirito, Alice reflects on all that’s happened.

    Director: Takashi Sakuma

    Writer: Muneo Nakamoto

  • Stacia, the Goddess of Creation
    8.0/10 313 votes

    #23 - Stacia, the Goddess of Creation

    Season 4 Episode 10 - Aired 2019-12-15

    Asuna has logged into the Underworld using the superuser account of Stacia, the Goddess of Creation. After she descends, she is reunited with Kirito, thanks to Ronie and Tiese. But soon Alice arrives, leading to a precarious situation!

    Director: Takashi Sakuma

    Writer: Kohei Urushibara

  • The Red-Nosed Reindeer
    7.9/10 921 votes

    #24 - The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Season 1 Episode 3 - Aired 2012-07-22

    Kirito has finally joined a guild made up of close friends in reality. Everything is going well until a tragic accident changes Kirito completely.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Yukie Sugawara

  • Edge of Hell's Abyss
    7.9/10 739 votes

    #25 - Edge of Hell's Abyss

    Season 1 Episode 13 - Aired 2012-09-30

    While enjoying a fishing tournment Kirito receieves an urgent e-mail from the leader of the guild requesting their return.

    Director: N/A

    Writer: Yoshikazu Mukai