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The Best Episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka

Every episode of Great Teacher Onizuka ranked from best to worst. Let's dive into the Best Episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka!

About Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-gangster member and a virgin. He has one ambition that no one ever expected from him. His solely life purpose is to become the greatest high school teacher ever.


Top Episode Highlight

The best episode of "Great Teacher Onizuka" is "Onizuka's Final Battle", rated 8.7/10 from 204 user votes. It was directed by Noriyuki Abe and written by Masashi Sogo. "Onizuka's Final Battle" aired on 9/17/2000 and is rated 0.2 point(s) higher than the second highest rated, "Confessions".

  • Onizuka's Final Battle
    8.7/10 204 votes

    #1 - Onizuka's Final Battle

    Season 1 Episode 43 - Aired 2000-09-17

     Without any solid evidence, the battle between Onizuka, the students of the 3rd grade and 4th grade, and the teachers of Seirin Gakuen began against the domineering board of education who decided that the criminal of the Saito teacher stab injury case was elegant. ..  Onizuka, who bets his life as a teacher and pursues the board of education with a flashy performance, makes a ridiculous remark about the incident this time.

    Director: Noriyuki Abe

    Writer: Masashi Sogo

  • Confessions
    8.5/10 177 votes

    #2 - Confessions

    Season 1 Episode 41 - Aired 2000-08-27

     As a special event to decorate the last night of the trip to Okinawa, Onizuka proposes a pair of men and women, "Swimsuit liver test and stunning". Moreover, the pair is Onizuka's dogma and prejudice. Naturally, Kyoko will pair with Yoshikawa due to Onizuka's strategy (?).  Kyoko begins to try herself alone in a dark place and gradually becomes obedient to her own heart. However, on the way, the two are entwined by the Yankees for some reason.

    Director: Kazunori Mizuno

    Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi

  • Private Investigations
    8.4/10 197 votes

    #3 - Private Investigations

    Season 1 Episode 19 - Aired 2000-01-30

     Seirin Gakuen panics due to Reimi's radical class terrorism. Onizuka goes to Fujimori's house to see what happened between Reimi and Fujimori. After hearing from Fujinomori, Onizuka takes Reimi out of the school with the cooperation of Ryuji and her old friends, and gives a ridiculous extracurricular lesson.

    Director: Hiroto Kato

    Writer: Satoru Nishizono

  • The Great Sacrifice
    8.3/10 204 votes

    #4 - The Great Sacrifice

    Season 1 Episode 15 - Aired 1999-12-12

     On the day of the nationwide mock exam, Onizuka, who accidentally witnessed the kidnapping of Mrs. Ota's daughter Hidemi, heads for rescue after the exam. The purpose of the kidnappers was to take a behind-the-scenes video of Hidemi to put pressure on the public works projects of her father, a member of parliament.  At that time, Fuyutsuki and Murai were screaming at Onizuka, who never appeared at school.

    Director: Hiroyuki Ishido

    Writer: Yoshiyuki Suga

  • Search and Rescue
    8.2/10 163 votes

    #5 - Search and Rescue

    Season 1 Episode 33 - Aired 2000-05-27

     Reimi, who is sharp at last, comes up with a ridiculous revenge for the over-the-top tricks of Ya and others.  They are trying to kidnap Ya and others and get 8 million yen. As expected, Kikuchi and Murai cannot agree with that. Onizuka, who was contacted by Kikuchi who couldn't collect, heads for the hotel where Masa and his friends are captured, but Onizuka doesn't even try to help the frightened Masa and his friends ...

    Director: Kazunori Mizuno

    Writer: Masashi Sogo

  • Falling for the Great Onizuka
    8.1/10 185 votes

    #6 - Falling for the Great Onizuka

    Season 1 Episode 17 - Aired 2000-01-16

     Onizuka desperately tries to open her heart when she learns of Reimi's loneliness with her eyes closed. However, Reimi confuses Onizuka by deliberately entwining her with a yakuza, perhaps because she can't believe her heart.  When Reimi finally thought she was about to open her heart, Onizuka accidentally pushed her off the roof of the building with a donketsu!

    Director: Akihiro Enomoto

    Writer: Satoru Nishizono

  • Destination: Okinawa
    8.0/10 156 votes

    #7 - Destination: Okinawa

    Season 1 Episode 31 - Aired 2000-05-07

     With the cooperation of Kikuchi and Reimi, evidence was found that it was Ya who organized the series of incidents.  However, Onizuka destroys Kikuchi's denunciation strategy by saying, "I can't look good if I'm a big adult and I'm trapped in a junior high school student." On the contrary, if you take all the angry third graders to a trip to Okinawa, you will get a great deal.

    Director: Yoshinori Odaka

    Writer: Masashi Sogo

  • Living Together
    8.0/10 153 votes

    #8 - Living Together

    Season 1 Episode 37 - Aired 2000-07-16

     Students enjoying the first day of the mobile classroom to Okinawa. However, Yoshikawa seems to be being squeezed by the apricots as usual.  That night, Onizuka, who hadn't decided on the room allocation for the students, completed an unprecedented shared room for men and women! Unfortunately (?) Yoshikawa, who has become the same room as Kyoko, is beaten up by them on the balcony.

    Director: Yoshinori Odaka

    Writer: Yoshiyuki Suga

  • GTO – The Legend Begins
    7.9/10 316 votes

    #9 - GTO – The Legend Begins

    Season 1 Episode 1 - Aired 1999-06-30

    Eikichi Onizuka begins his career as a teacher-in-training expecting that he will get a class of attractive, nubile high school girls. When he is assigned the problem "Class O", a group of delinquents and blackmailers, only his tough love is able to win them over.

    Director: Noriyuki Abe, Naoyasu Habu

    Writer: Masashi Sogo

  • Superstition
    7.9/10 162 votes

    #10 - Superstition

    Season 1 Episode 23 - Aired 2000-02-27

     "Letter of misfortune" becomes popular at Seirin Gakuen. A mountain of misfortune letters arrive at Onizuka, but Onizuka, who does not believe in the curse of curse at all, burns it all. However, from that day, ominous things began to occur around him, and finally Onizuka fell into poor physical condition.

    Director: Akihiro Enomoto

    Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi

  • Compromising Positions
    7.9/10 158 votes

    #11 - Compromising Positions

    Season 1 Episode 24 - Aired 2000-03-05

     Hiroshi Uchiyamada, 51 years old. Vice-principal of the prestigious Seirin Gakuen. He works as a middle manager and is stressful. The only place where I could feel at ease was Iruma's home ... but recently Onizuka has come in and out of that home as a tutor for my daughter Yoshiko.  One day, Dr. Sannomaru brought a picture of an enkou dating site in Onizuka in a hotel district in Shibuya. However, that person is ...?!

    Director: Shigeki Hatakeyama

    Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi

  • Money Talks, GTO Walks
    7.9/10 150 votes

    #12 - Money Talks, GTO Walks

    Season 1 Episode 30 - Aired 2000-04-30

     Fujiyoshi, who has lost an important collection of money somewhere, is blamed by everyone in the class. Onizuka, who couldn't see it, said that he would work on the money, but he was impatient when he heard that the amount was 1.12 million yen. Apparently, the 1.12 million yen that Onizuka spent last night seems to be the money.  Onizuka does everything in his power to get rid of the money he has spent, but it's totally useless. At that time, Fujiyoshi disappears.

    Director: Shigeki Hatakeyama

    Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi

  • Matters of the Heart
    7.9/10 152 votes

    #13 - Matters of the Heart

    Season 1 Episode 40 - Aired 2000-08-20

     Since Yoshikawa helped me in the sea, Kyoko's appearance has been strange. Yoshikawa appears in a dream, and his eyes are anxious.  Around that time, the vice-principal, who was dying in the sea, was struck by the kind heart of the girl student who came all the way to visit him, and once again decided to return to his original intentions.

    Director: Naoyasu Habu

    Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi

  • Old Wounds Revisited
    7.9/10 145 votes

    #14 - Old Wounds Revisited

    Season 1 Episode 42 - Aired 2000-09-10

     Last year's 2nd year and 4th group teacher "Noboru Saito" stabbed his chest and was hospitalized. Saito is the person who created the cause of the current 3rd grade and 4th class teacher bullying.  At the same time as the incident, Ya stopped coming to school. Kikuchi and Murai are suspicious that "Maybe Masa stabbed Saito?"

    Director: Shigeki Hatakeyama

    Writer: Masashi Sogo

  • Late Night Roof Diving
    7.8/10 228 votes

    #15 - Late Night Roof Diving

    Season 1 Episode 3 - Aired 1999-07-21

    In the new semester, Onizuka was able to become a teacher at Seirin Gakuen on a sunny day, but the first class he was in charge of was not the high school he admired, but the middle school. Onizuka is disappointed to hear that he is a homeroom teacher for junior high school students, but rumor has it that the class that Onizuka is in charge of, the 4th class in the third grade of junior high school, was a problem class in which there were three homeroom teachers who had quit school due to mental stress.

    Director: Hayato Date

    Writer: Satoru Nishizono

  • An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a Butt
    7.8/10 216 votes

    #16 - An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a Butt

    Season 1 Episode 5 - Aired 1999-08-18

     Noboru Yoshikawa, a student of 3rd grade and 4th grade, has come in and out of Onizuka's room recently. Onizuka and Yoshikawa had become game friends.  One day, Yoshikawa is called by a girl in the same class, Anko Uehara, and her friend, and is bullied to be naked and take a picture of her lower body. Onizuka, who helped Yoshikawa jump off the roof and try to commit suicide with regret and incompetence, takes Yoshikawa and makes a ridiculous revenge on Uehara and his friends.

    Director: Yoshinori Odaka

    Writer: Yoshiyuki Suga

  • Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous Mix
    7.8/10 176 votes

    #17 - Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous Mix

    Season 1 Episode 16 - Aired 1999-12-19

     A beautiful woman named "Urumi Kanzaki" appeared in front of Onizuka who lamented that she wanted a lover. The two stop by a laundromat to dry their soaked clothes, but Onizuka gets caught up in her tricks and is suspected of being molested.  The next day, Reimi appears again in front of Onizuka, who teaches with a moody face. Reimi hasn't attended school yet, but she is a student of 3rd grade and 4th class, and has been a genius child since the beginning of the school, which boasts an IQ of 200 or more.

    Director: Shigeki Hatakeyama

    Writer: Satoru Nishizono

  • Playing Doctor - GTO Style
    7.8/10 154 votes

    #18 - Playing Doctor - GTO Style

    Season 1 Episode 25 - Aired 2000-03-12

     "Kadena Nanao", a teacher in the infirmary with a lot of sex appeal, has been assigned to Seirin Gakuen. Immediately, the south wind, which caught the hearts of not only boys but also girls, began selling suspicious products to students and teachers in the health room.

    Director: Naoyasu Habu

    Writer: Yoshiyuki Suga

  • Onizuka Meets His Match
    7.8/10 154 votes

    #19 - Onizuka Meets His Match

    Season 1 Episode 26 - Aired 2000-03-19

     The south wind was a legendary female runner who was once called the "Queen of Hakosuka".  One day, the vice-principal was furious when he learned that he had been sold a fake product in the south wind. I breathe to stop the south wind. Nanfu, who had saved money for his brother's surgery, decided to quit the school because he had achieved the target amount, but a person who was asking for an agent to arrange surgery was caught for fraud.

    Director: Yoshinori Odaka

    Writer: Yoshiyuki Suga

  • Agent to the Stars
    7.8/10 150 votes

    #20 - Agent to the Stars

    Season 1 Episode 27 - Aired 2000-04-02

     Toroko, who became an entertainer, will appear in a trendy drama. Although he plays the role of Choi, Toroko is full of motivation. However, the selfishness of the scriptwriter cuts off her turn. Onizuka, thinking of Toroko who is sad, takes in the scriptwriter and asks Toroko to increase her turn. In addition, he will take charge of the management of Toroko in place of the merciless manager "Ichiro Okinoshima".

    Director: Hideaki Hisashi

    Writer: Satoru Nishizono

  • Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong
    7.8/10 147 votes

    #21 - Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong

    Season 1 Episode 28 - Aired 2000-04-16

     Toroko will appear in the "Shonen Magazine Gravure Princess Contest", but her rivals are all strong opponents, and Onizuka's efforts are empty, and the number of postcard votes continues to be the lowest. On the contrary, the address of Toroko's home was published in the magazine as the address of the fan letter, and the swimsuit for shooting was gone, and disasters occurred one after another.

    Director: Hiroto Kato

    Writer: Satoru Nishizono

  • The Law of Probability
    7.8/10 150 votes

    #22 - The Law of Probability

    Season 1 Episode 32 - Aired 2000-05-14

     Onizuka desperately tries to earn 8 million yen for the help of Kikuchi and Murai in order to take all the third graders to Okinawa as promised. However, such a large amount of money cannot be earned so much. Onizuka, who was in trouble, tried to borrow money from Ryuji because he lived and died a long time ago, but Ryuji gave him only one Fukubiki ticket. Onizuka pulled Fukubiki without motivation, but what he did was ...!

    Director: Akihiro Enomoto

    Writer: Masashi Sogo

  • Enter Uchiyamada!
    7.7/10 248 votes

    #23 - Enter Uchiyamada!

    Season 1 Episode 2 - Aired 1999-07-07

    On the day of the teacher employment exam, Onizuka, who failed to take the exam due to a misunderstanding, feels like a dong. At that time, my best friend "Danmari Ryuji" will be interviewed by the prestigious "Seiringakuen", a private school where you can become a teacher even if you fail the teacher employment exam. Is recommended.

    Director: Hisashi Okesawa

    Writer: Yoshiyuki Suga

  • Conspiracies All Around
    7.7/10 204 votes

    #24 - Conspiracies All Around

    Season 1 Episode 6 - Aired 1999-08-25

     Uehara's mother, the PTA chairman of Seirin Gakuen, boarded the school. Uehara, who was terrified by the revenge of the Yoshikawa bullying, told his mother, who is also an education critic. Onizuka, in a crisis of desperation, Yoshikawa, who is usually weak, makes a decision after worrying that "Is it because of me that Onizuka was in a pinch?"

    Director: Hiroyuki Ishido

    Writer: Yoshiyuki Suga

  • Bungee Jumping Made Easy
    7.7/10 194 votes

    #25 - Bungee Jumping Made Easy

    Season 1 Episode 8 - Aired 1999-09-08

     Onizuka, Murai, Fujiyoshi, and Kusano who will be bowling at the setting of Juria. However, on the way, Juria, who was urgently needed, disappears and the game continues in a terrible mood.  Meanwhile, Murai's mischief prevents Onizuka's fingers from coming out of the ball. Murai and his friends left the impatient Onizuka and left the bowling alley as they were, and on their way home, they were entangled by the Yankees and fell into a big pinch.

    Director: Hayato Date

    Writer: Satoru Nishizono